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European Leaders Promise The Greek Debt Crisis Will Be Resolved One Way Or Another On Sunday

The wait will soon be over.  Greece submitted a final compromise plan to its eurozone creditors on Thursday, European finance ministers will meet on Saturday to discuss the proposal, and an emergency summit of all 28 EU nations on Sunday will make a final decision on what to do.  The summit on Sunday is being […]

Greece Votes NO – Let The Chaos Begin…

The result of the referendum in Greece is a great victory for freedom, but it is also threatens to unleash unprecedented economic chaos all across Europe.  With almost all of the votes counted, it is being reported that approximately 61 percent of Greeks have voted “no” and only about 39 percent of Greeks have voted […]

Does The IMF Actually Want To Cause A Greek Debt Default?

When it comes to geopolitics, there are often wheels working within wheels that are working within wheels.  Once in a while we get a peek behind the scenes, but for the most part the machinations of the global elite remain shrouded in mystery most of the time.  And sometimes the global elite appear to be […]

CrossTalk: New World Disorder

What has changed since the end of the Cold War? Does the world today match what was envisioned decades ago by some prominent Western leaders? Have we reached the ‘end of history?’ Will borders remain untouched as sectarianism and nationalism take root across the world? Or are we living through a paradigm shift, where the […]

Suicide & Revolt: ‘Some EU states ready for Euro Spring’

It’s endgame today in Athens, where political party leaders are beginning a last-ditch effort to form a coalition. If they fail, Greece would have to stage a new election – one predicted to bolster anti-bailout factions even more. And as uncertainty gr…

Goodbye Greece? ‘Eurocrats want Athens out to save face’

Greece starts another day without government after wrangling politicians continue to fail to agree a coalition after last Sunday’s elections. The leader of the second-largest party has refused to join any administration which pledges to stick to the co…

‘Germans dare Greeks to kickstart Euro exit’

Violent austerity protests have erupted in the Italian city of Naples, after enraged demonstrators attempted to storm a local tax office. Protesters threw paint and rocks at police, who then charged crowds and beat them with batons. The demonstration b…

Final Nail in Euro: ‘It’s a programmed crisis’

Political parties in Greece are struggling to come up with a power-sharing coalition deal, sending the crisis-hit country into further turmoil. General elections on Sunday failed to produce an outright winner, with leading parties so far failing to for…

CrossTalk: Healthy Money?

Should financial products be subject to the same kind of consumer protection and quality control as other products like pharmaceuticals? Virtually every product that can be bought and sold is covered by regulations and often there is issues related to …

Gold & silver prices encounter solid buying support 2012-MAR-08 The gold price has, as expected, encountered strong buying support on the recent forays below $1,700. Silver has again performed impressively after looking yesterday as though it might fall below support at $33. After going nowhere in trading yesterday morning, the metals received support in the afternoon following indications that the US Federal […]