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Long End Treasury Retraces 50% Of Taperuption Gains / by Tyler Durden / 09/19/2013 14:30 -0400 Yesterday, when in the aftermath of the Fed’s “shocking” announcement bond yields plunged, the bond kings, both old and new couldn’t get to a media outlet fast enough to express their euphoria over the end of the selloff. Gross tweeted immediately that he was “not bragging but what […]

The Golden (Sentiment) Rule: If It Isn’t Off The Chart Now, It Soon Will Be / By Tyler Durden / June 28, 2013, 19:49 -0400 Remember: what is unsustainable, can never crash, or so those who can create virtually unlimited naked shorts out of thin air would like everyone to believe. Gross exposure – new all time record shorts: READ MORE

The Global Stagflation-O-Meter Brings Even More Bad News For Cyprus / By Tyler Durden / 03/26/2013 – 08:04 Even more bad news for Cyprus, which now has not only a depression to look forward to but a depressionary stagflation to boot. Bloomberg has ranked countries based on their risk of stagflation based on the following methodology: First, the average real Gross Domestic Product and […]

Stocks dead, bonds deader till 2022: Pimco Commentary: Gross, El-Erian warn of very slow growth ahead / By Paul B. Farrell / Nov. 27, 2012, 3:32 p.m. EST SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Big money managers are warning investors. They’re now citing the Bible: “Seven lean years.” No recovery till 2016. That was Jeremy Grantham back a few years ago. His GMO firm manages $104 billion. Now Bill Gross […]

Gross to Bernanke: QE3 Will Cause Banks to Lend Less / By Brittany Stepniak / Thursday, September 6th, 2012 The Federal Reserve continues to disappoint. Not only were there last two rounds of quantitative easing little more than useless, but they’re planning a third round to go into effect sometime this fall. Jim Rogers believes QE3 is already underway, but the Fed’s staying quiet about their activity… for now. The […]

YOU are the POWER

The power lies with the individual and the globalist scum seeking to destroy humanity knows it. This is why they constantly try to collectivize us, to remove us from our inner power either by drugging us or by brainwashing us that we somehow cannot live without their protection, oversight, whatever. What is truly valuable? In […]

The Three Trends Which Rule The Precious Metals Market, Part I / By Jeff Nielson / May 27, 2012 It is bad enough watching the talking-heads of the mainstream media undermine the precious metals sector with their insipid and invariably flawed analysis. However, what is positively infuriating is when these drones manage to influence the market through parroting “fundamental” factors which (at present) are simply […]

Reggie Middleton Delves Deeper Into Wall Street Brokerage & Investment Banking Business Model

Reggie Middleton answers the question: “Why hasn’t anyone became wealthy trading Wall Street investment advice?” We believe Reggie Middleton and his team at the BoomBust bests ALL of Wall Street’s sell side research. Since the inception of his BoomBustBlog, he has established an outstanding track record, including but not limited to, the fall of…. The […]

How To Prevent Bailouts, Bank Runs & Other Fun Things To Do With Your Hard Earned Dollars

Reggie Middleton delves into the topics of bank runs, bailouts and opacity in pricing and offers simple solutions to these dilemmas.

Why Didn’t Wall Street Foresee the Sovereign Debt Crisis? Reggie Middleton Speaks

Reggie Middleton, in a conversation style discussion, explains how Greece became over indebted through banks making bad loans, and more importantly why practically no one in all of Wall Street warned of the sovereign debt crisis besides BoomBustBlog. T…