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Who Is Winning The Food Delivery War?

By Priceonomics There are more options to get food—as in the kind you eat at home rather than at a restaurant—than ever before.  Sure, there are traditional brick-and-mortar stores, like Costco and Trader Joe’s. But in the last decade there’s been a boom in food services that can be managed through a digital app. Depending […]

Grubhub CEO Faces Backlash After Telling Trump-Supporting Employees “You Have No Place Here”

Many faux-liberal tech firm CEOs have responded to the election of Donald Trump in the same "stunned" memos to staff reassuring them "our firm is a safe space" with some even promising to fund a so-called CaliExit secession from the Union. However, as Fox News reports, GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney has – to some who […]