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Israel Defense Forces: ‘We Have Enough Bullets For EVERYONE’

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has declared that they have got enough bullets for everyone and they’ve proven it.  At least 60 Palestinians, including children, were killed by Israeli gunfire on Monday during protests over the United States embassy in Jerusalem. The clashes Monday were violent and dozens lost their lives.  Avi Dichter, a senior member of Benjamin […]

RussiaToday: Arab Off-season: Post-revolution, pre-radical?

It’s been more than a year since the wave of unrest first began in the Arab world. As regimes failed hopes for greater freedoms grew only to fade as the unrest and bloodshed continued. RT’s Oksana Boyko looks at whether fight for democracy has failed. …

RussiaToday: CrossTalk: Toulouse Echoes

How will the shooting in Toulouse impact European political discourse? Will it unite different communities or will it strengthen the far-right agenda? Will Sarkozy continue to pander towards the far-right, and will the French find it acceptable? Will i…