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German Antifa Group Posts Revenge “Hit List” Of 54 Police Officers

A "left-wing extremist" group in Germany associated with Antifa published a list of 54 police officers believed to have taken part in raids of suspected rioters protesting the G20 summit in Hamburg, with  the group calling for the public to 'dox' the officers by sending in their personal information. "We would be pleased about tips regarding […]

Why Hamburg Was The Perfect Storm For G-20 Chaos (In 1 Simple Chart) / by Tyler Durden / Jul 10, 2017  Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, hosted the G20 this week. With 6,000 delegates and 3,000 members of the global media flocking to the city, residents and the police braced themselves… and rightly so. *** Adding to the problems created by the somewhat baffling choice of a city center location, Hamburg […]

G20 Hamburg Protest was Closer to the Start of Civil War / by Martin Armstrong / Jul 9, 2017 There is a rumor going around that the extreme violent protests in Hamburg, which resembled a Civil War, were funded allegedly  by Soros. It is just a rumor with no proof as of yet. It may in fact be true that his organization funded in part these protests but did […]

Hamburg Still Seizing Property for Refugees / by Martin Armstrong / May 19, 2017 Back in October 2015, we reported that “in response to the refugee crisis, the German city of Hamburg has enacted a new law that will enable the government to seize vacant commercial properties to provide temporary housing for refugees. The law will go into effect next and will […]

RussiaToday: German clashes: May Day rallies turn violent in Berlin

Left wing protesters clashed with police in Berlin as a traditional May Day demonstration came to a halt far before reaching its intended end in the city center. Some demonstrators threw stones, bottles and firecrackers at the riot police, and officers responded with charges and batons. Arrests were made. The thousands strong demonstration had set off late on Tuesday afternoon from Berlin’s neighborhood of Kreuzberg. Meanwhile in Hamburg, over one-thousand leftist activists gathered for the annual May Day protest march, local media reported. The demonstration – themed "No Alternative to Revolution" – saw protesters marching from St. Pauli to Ottensen. Right at the start, protesters threw fireworks at police officers, but the crowd remained mostly calm for the ensuing march. However, after a speech marking the end of the demonstration, violence erupted. Stones and bottles were thrown at the policemen escorting the march. Police responded employing pepper spray and arresting several protesters. Injuries were reported on both sides. Later on, riots broke out in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel neighborhood, a notorious site for May Day violence in past years.

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