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Kyle Bass Warns: Xi Has “Built The Chinese Economy On A Foundation Of Sand”

Earlier this week, Chinese leader Xi Jinping became the third ruler in the communist country’s history to have his named enshrined in its constitution – and the first to receive this honor while still alive. But as China celebrates its most popular, and most powerful, leader since at least Deng Xiaoping, Kyle Bass, hedge fund […]

Kyle Bass Warns Of “Tectonic Shift” In US-China Relationship

Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass ventured on to CNBC this morning to drop some painful truth bombs about Trump's "drastically changed Chinese diplomacy" and China's looming "come-uppance." Bass began by highlighting what he calls a "tectonic shift" in US-China relations in the last few days, pointing to two crucial events… 1. Things changed drastically when US […]

Kyle Bass Warns “All Hell Is About To Break Loose” In China

China's credit system expanded "too recklessly and too quickly," and "it's beginning to unravel," warns Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass. Crucially, Bass notes that ballooning assets in Chinese wealth management products are another sign of a looming credit crisis in the nation. "Some of the longer-term assets aren't doing very well," Bass said on Bloomberg TV […]

“Markets Are Ripe For A Black Swan Event” – Why Most ‘Well Hedged’ Funds Won’t Survive

George Sokoloff, founder and CIO of Carmot Capital, recently explained why typical asset allocation strategies, including those employed by most "sophisticated" hedge fund managers, end up getting slaughtered during market shocks despite perceptions of being "well hedged".  One has to look no further than the last "great recession" to get a glimpse of just how […]

“China Is Headed For A 1929-Style Depression”

Authored by Sue Chang via, Andy Xie isn’t known for tepid opinions. The provocative Xie, who was a top economist at the World Bank and Morgan Stanley, found notoriety a decade ago when he left the Wall Street bank after a controversial internal report went public. Today, he is among the loudest voices warning […]

Kyle Bass Shares The “Stunning” Thing A Central Banker Once Told Him

If you ever wanted to get a look inside the mind of Kyle Bass, founder and CIO of Hayman Capital Management, here is your chance. In a wide-ranging discussion with Grant Williams, author of Things that Make You Go Hmm and co-founder of Real Vision TV, he shared his thoughts on position-sizing, China, the appeal […]

ZeroHedge: Why Hedge Funds Have Rarely Been More Bearish: Highlights From The SALT Conference

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Following last week’s Sohn Conference, where the overarching theme was one of prevailing bearishness topped by Stanley Druckenmiller’s near-apocalyptic forecast that only gold will be left standing after all confidence evaporates in the “magic people” known as central bankers,  yesterday […]

ZeroHedge: Kyle Bass On The Resurgence Of Gold And The Looming “Run On Cash”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Hayman Capital founder Kyle Bass sat down recently for a conversation with Maria Bartiromo and Gary Kaminsky on Wall Street Week. He covered a variety of topics such as NIRP, income inequality, and the U.S. presidential race. As our regular […]

ZeroHedge: Hugh Hendry: “If China Devalues By 20%, The World Is Over… It’s A Mad Max World”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Once upon a time Hugh Hendry was one of the world’s most prominent financial skeptics, arguing with anyone who would listen that the status quo is doomed and that central planning will never work. Most famously, back in 2010 during […]

ZeroHedge: Kyle Bass Is Dead Wrong About Chinese Banks Says Chinese Bank

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. China is upset with “speculators.” You see it’s not that China’s economy is “landing hard” and it’s not that a massive yuan devaluation is almost a foregone conclusion. No, it’s that “manipulators,” “speculators,” financial “predators,” and all sorts of other […]