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Why The Destruction Of The Durham Confederate Monument Is So Despicable

Ever since the Charleston Church shooting, the Left has been obsessed with purging every element of Confederate iconography in this country. No flag, statue, or bumper sticker has been safe. They want it all gone. The fact that most people who sport the Confederate flag aren’t racist at all, and merely view the flag as […]

This Is Why We Prepare: Terrorists Publish Plan To Strike A Critical Part Of America’s Infrastructure

ISIS’ strategy for fighting the West has certainly brought terrorism into the 21st century. Their battlefield is shifting away from the real world and into social media, where they can indoctrinate people living in the West, and convince them to carry out terror attacks in their name. And rather than being sophisticated attacks that cause […]

Watch: Steven Crowder Explains Why Antifa And The White Nationalists Are Basically The Same

Most people today assume that far-right and far-left ideologies are worlds apart. They think that there’s nothing in common between fascism and communism. But when you take a closer look at these political systems, their propaganda, and especially the speeches made by their leaders, you’ll find that they’re practically indistinguishable. Fascism and communism are both […]

It’s Not Over: “How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins”

By now everyone is thoroughly inundated with information regarding the stances and standoff between President Trump and the U.S., and Kim Jong-Un and North Korea.  This is where “oversaturation” can lead to ignoring what is going on, followed up by complacency.  Americans in general have low attention spans and become easily bored with or tired […]

“It’s Actually Quite Shocking” Top Silver CEO Explains How Huge Industry Changes Will Drive Prices To New Highs

There is a feeling of unease about central bank actions, various conflicts around the world, and an ever expanding involvement of governments in the private lives of their respective citizens. People are starting to understand that the propaganda party can’t go on for ever and that real crisis is just around the corner, if not […]

“Healthcare Is Completely Overpriced and Out Of Control” Four Free Market Alternatives To Obamacare

While President Trump may have run on a platform of repealing and replacing Obamacare, it is becoming clear that neither Democrats or Republicans are prepared to fix America’s failing healthcare system. As Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple explains in the video report below, insurance costs for a family of four are now comparable to […]

Oh The Hypocrisy: How The Communist North Korean Regime Funds Itself With Capitalism

Once you understand how unsustainable socialist and communist systems are, there’s only one thing left in those societies to marvel at. You have to admit that they often have substantial longevity. Command economies tend to defy all expectations, and last a lot longer than you might expect. One reason why is that they’re inherently authoritarian. […]

Insanity: Denmark Gives Homes And Jobs To Former ISIS Thugs For “Hug A Terrorist” Campaign

  There’s a very simple principle that helps form the bedrock of any prosperous and civilized society. When people do bad things, they should be punished for it. The moment that rule is turned upside down, and the wicked and weak are rewarded for their behavior, society will crumble. There’s no way around it. Every […]

Do Our Elections Even Matter?: Study Finds There Are 3.5 Million More Registered Voters In U.S. Than Eligible Voters

All Americans need to ask themselves a very important question. Who really runs this country? Supposedly the answer is us, which is what we’ve been told our entire lives. But that’s becoming increasingly hard to believe as time goes on. How can ordinary law abiding Americans be running this show, if our elections appear to […]

The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

Editor’s Note: Back in February of 2014 we published an interview and report from well known preparedness strategist and strategic relocation expert Joel Skousen in which he explained his assessment of how World War III would “go down.” At the time, North Korea was considered by most to be nothing more than a small pest that […]