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Hong Kong Interbank Rates Spike To Highest Since Lehman

For only the third time since Lehman, the price of liquidity in the Hong Kong Dollar interbank markets has exploded higher. Overnight HKD Hibor soared over 60 basis points to 0.71407% in Monday trading – the highest since October 2008…   Note that the two previous spikes were around year-end, so this is unusual in […]

Chinese Interbank Lending Freezes; Government Bond Trading Halted After Massive PBOC Liquidity Drain

Earlier today, we were surprised to note that having aggressively drained liquidity from the interbank funding market, on the first trading day of 2017, the PBOC not only fixed the Yuan well lower (sy 6.9498 vs 6.9370 on the last day of 2016, even if this was well stronger than the Offshore Yuan), but the […]

Caught On Tape: China’s Currency Rigging

With the Yuan at its weakest against the Dollar since May 2008, it’s becoming harder and harder (and more and more expensive) for China to hide/defend its devaluation strategy (CNH down over 13% since the ‘one-off’ Aug 2015 devaluation).   And in its latest effort to rig the currency’s value, it currently costs more to […]