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SHTFplan: In the 50s, Preppers Retreating to Off-Grid Shelters After Attack Were “Treasonous”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at Editor’s Comment: Not only is the government inept at handling a crisis, they are generally aimed, ultimately, at exerting greater control over society. From the response to Hurricane Katrina, to the possibility of a major […]

Ellis Martin Report with IBC Advanced Alloys’ Ian Tootill

Ellis Martin visits with Ian Tootill of IBC Advanced Alloys (TSX-V:IB)(IAALF:US) during his recent visit to the Los Angeles area.

IBC Advanced Alloys is a leading manufacturer and developer of advanced alloys for the global market with a focus on specialty copper alloys and high performance beryllium aluminum castings. IBC’s engineered solutions are essential for many high technology products used in a broad range of market sectors including nuclear power, automotive, oil and gas, electronics and aerospace. Complementing the Company’s manufacturing operations are R&D programs and natural resource initiatives focused on enhancing and supporting IBC growing US manufacturing base.