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Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse

This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at It is at times frustrating, but also interesting, to witness the progression of the mainstream’s awareness of economic crisis within the U.S. over the years. As an alternative economist, I have had the “privilege” of perching outside the financial narrative and observing our economy from […]

Home Prices In All US Cities Grow Faster Than Wages… And Then There’s Seattle / by Tyler Durden / Oct 31, 2017 10:42 AM According to the latest BLS data, average hourly wages for all US workers rose at a respectable 2.9% relative to the previous year, if still below the Fed’s “target” of 3.5-4.5%, as countless economists are unable to explain how 4.3% unemployment, and “no slack” in the economy […]

How Insane Home Prices in Silicon Valley & San Francisco Trip up Jobs Growth / by Wolf Richter / Aug 14, 2017 Bay Area housing affordability nightmare hits home, so to speak. What happens in a large urban market when a young couple with a household income that is far above median cannot afford to buy even a modest home? What happens to that local economy? That’s what everyone wants to know, […]

Fueled by Global Investors, Home Prices Go Nuts in Barcelona / by Don Quijones • Jul 12, 2017 A few blocks from where I live in the solidly middle class (but gentrifying) Eixample Dreta district of Barcelona, a newly renovated modernist building is about to be inaugurated. Outside the building is a huge billboard displaying some of the lavish charms offered by the refurbished […]

REAL Home Prices Remain 21.35% Below 2006 Peak (As Of December 2016) / by Anthony B Sanders • June 17, 2017 How bad was the housing bubble of the 2000s? Real home prices remain 21.35% below their peak in 2006 during the housing bubble, according to the Bank for International Settlements. READ MORE The post REAL Home Prices Remain 21.35% Below 2006 Peak (As Of December 2016) appeared […]

San Francisco Home Prices Suddenly Go Nuts Again / by Wolf Richter / Jun 6, 2017 But condos have issues: “Foreign buyers have played a significant role; it is possible this demand has declined due to political issues here and in China.” The median sale price of single-family houses in San Francisco had been flat-lining, despite all the monthly volatility, since the spike in May 2015. […]

Home Prices Increase at Fastest Pace in Years; National Index at New Record High / JILL MISLINSKI / 05/30/2017 With today’s release of the March S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, we learned that seasonally adjusted home prices for the benchmark 20-city index were up 0.9% month over month. The seasonally adjusted year-over-year change has hovered between 4.2% and 5.8% for the last twenty-five months. Today’s S&P/Case-Shiller National Home Price Index (Nominal) reached […]

New Home Prices Are Over 50% Higher In Canada Than The US / by Kaitlin Last via / May 28, 2017 The price of new homes is quickly diverging in Canada and the US.  Data from the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) show that new homes are selling for substantially more than the same time last year. Meanwhile south of the border, data from the […]

What Is America Going To Look Like When Stocks, Home Prices And Even Used Cars All Crash By At Least 50 Percent? / By Michael Snyder on April 2nd, 2017 Have you ever thought about what comes after the bubble?  In 2008 we got a short preview of what life will be like, but most Americans seem to have come to the conclusion that the last financial crisis was just a minor bump in the road toward […]

Despite Soaring Rates, US Home Prices Accelerate At Fastest Pace In 3 Years / by Tyler Durden / Mar 28, 2017 US Home Prices rose at 5.7% year-over-year in January, according to the latest data from Case-Shiller. This is the fastest rate of price appreciation since July 2014. The six-month lagged response to the surge in mortgage rates suggests things may be about to slow down dramatically though… READ […]