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SHTFplan: Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge “For people who want to make sure the Web serves humanity, we have to concern ourselves with what people are building on top of it,” Tim Berners-Lee told Vanity Fair last month. “I was devastated” he said while going through […]

Here Is Your Chance To #AskNeel Kashkari Anything

It’s that time again: Minneapolis Fed president, TARP creator and former Goldman and PIMCO employee Neel Kashkari is holding one of his periodic “open” twitter forums, where he will be taking questions from the general audience at 3:30pm ET. .@neelkashkariwill be taking questions starting at 2:30p CT. Use #AskNeel to participate. — Minneapolis Fed […]

Paul Craig Roberts Rages “Are You Ready To Die?”

Authored by Paul Criag Roberts, “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” Vladimir Putin In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel, 1984, information that no longer is consistent with Big Brother’s explanations is chucked down the Memory Hole. In the real American dystopia […]

Frontrunning: April 13

Trump comments trigger U.S. dollar, bond yield slide (Reuters) N. Korea Nuclear Test Could Come Saturday or Sooner, Sources Say (VoA) Fear Is Creeping Back Into Markets (BBG) Trump Liking Yellen Ignites Prospects for Fed Policy Continuity (BBG) CEOs gaining power in Trump’s White House (Politico) Indexes Beat Stock Pickers Even Over 15 Years (WSJ) […]

Frontrunning: April 6

Senate Set to Vote to Eliminate Supreme Court Filibuster (WSJ) Trump’s Xi Summit Tests Promises on Trade, North Korea  (BBG) Is North Korea putting a nuclear-tipped bargaining chip on the table? (Reuters) Why Xi Jinping Must Tread Carefully When He Meets Trump  (BBG) China Market Access in Spotlight as Meeting Nears  (BBG) Trump Rethinks Foreign […]

Paul Craig Roberts: “In America Today, Facts Cannot Compete With Lies”

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Unable to provide an ounce of evidence that a Trump/Putin conspiracy stole the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, the corrupt US “intelligence” agencies are shifting their focus to social media and to Internet sites such as Alex Jones and Breitbart. Little doubt the FBI investigation will trickle down to Glenn […]

Frontrunning: February 28

Trump Puts the Final Touches on His Speech (BBG) Trump to Make Case for Higher Military Spending, Lay Out Vision in Speech (WSJ) Trump on Hook to Clarify Policies With Speech to Congress (BBG) Traders Are Glued to These Stocks Ahead of Tonight’s Trump Speech (BBG) Trump Regulation Rollback May Threaten U.S. Firms’ EU Access […]

Frontrunning: February 27

Epic Oscars Mistake: Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty Announce Wrong Best Picture Winner (Variety) ‘Moonlight’ upsets ‘La La Land’ for top Oscar after major gaffe (Reuters) Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel turns Trump into recurrent punch line (Reuters) After Mix-Up, Hollywood Searches for an Explanation (WSJ) Trillions at Risk When Trump Speaks to Congress (BBG) Bond Market […]

#DemExit: Perez Vote Sparks Progressive Panic Within Divided Democratic Party

After contentious debate, the Democratic Party has selected a new DNC chairman: Tom Perez. The choice, however, as's Nick Bernabe reports, is not being celebrated by everyone in the party. In fact, the progressive so-called “Bernie Sanders wing” of the Democratic Party is up in arms, using the hashtag #DemExit, over Perez’ win. Progressives favored Keith […]

Frontrunning: January 24

Dollar steadies after stumble, sterling rides out Brexit ruling (Reuters) After U.S. exit, Asian nations try to save TPP trade deal (Reuters) U.K. Court Rules Brexit Trigger Needs Parliamentary Vote (BBG) Brexit plans unlikely to be slowed by Article 50 defeat (Reuters) Health Secretary Nominee Proposed Bill Benefiting Puerto Rico Investments (WSJ) How Trump Would […]