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Former Defense Minister: ‘You Have A Secret Cabal That’s Actually Running The World!’

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense, is believed to be the highest-ranking former politician to come forward declaring the Illuminati as real. Not only does Hellyer state the Illuminati exist, but they are secretly running the world as the global elitists and will introduce the New World Order. Remember, it’s only a conspiracy theory […]

Why The UN Human Rights Council Is Silent As Venezuelan’s Die Oppressed Under Socialism

The United Nations Human Rights Council has been silent on the death of Venezuelans at the hands of their democratic socialist government. The UN has sided with death, but that isn’t surprising, considering the horrific plans they have laid out for most humans. The Miami Herald is calling the UN’s lack of response to blood in […]

ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE? THE SIMPSONS PREDICTED PRINCE WOULD BE KILLED BY SECRET AGENTS IN 2008 / PIPER MCGOWIN / APRIL 28, 2016 “Unfortunately there are certain stars who won’t do what we want…” Sounds kind of like Prince, doesn’t it? The phrase “Simpsons did it” has become a something of a joke, because in the nearly 30 years the cartoon has been on air, it has seemingly predicted a host of […]

Tinfoil Hat Sunday – Who is Donald Marshall? Satanism, Cloning, and the Illuminati

Donald’s original letter to all humanity B.o.B Is Apparently Super Woke About Cloning Centers While almost all of the music world is focused on the Grammy nominations that just came out, B.o.B is out here in his own world. Bobby Ray, who just released a new project last week, took to Twitter last night to […]

“The Illuminati Were Amateurs” – Matt Taibbi Explains How “Everything Is Rigged” / By Matt Taibbi / April 26, 2013, 20:38 -0400 From Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, back to his best, most floral of writing styles: Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There’s no price the big banks can’t […]

A Startling Fact & Gigantic ‘Coincidence’ About Friday’s Mass Shooting in Connecticut / By SGT / December 15, 2012 Regarding the absolutely horrific and incomprehensible mass murders in Sandy Hook, Connecticut on Friday; Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. As a parent myself, I’m not sure how one survives the unbearable trauma of losing a child. We will keep a close eye on […]

MONSANTO: my real experience

The truth about MONSANTO as I have experienced over the last few days. This on some other thoughts on current events. This Thursday, August 9th, I will be releasing my latest micro doc titled, “The Summer of 2012”

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