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Merkel Struggles to Regain Control: I Expect Chaos / by Mike Mish Shedlock / November 27, 2017 FDP made a wise choice bowing out of the “Jamaica” coalition talks. It will be the beneficiary of the pending chaos. Talk Talk Talk Eurointelligence has some interesting commentary regarding FDP’s decision to back out of coalition talks with Angela Merkel. Let’s tune in. We noted a […]

Trump To Scrap Crucial Obamacare Insurer Subsidy / by Tyler Durden / Oct 13, 2017  Update: Late Thursday, the administration said it would immediately stop paying what are known as cost-sharing reduction subsidies. The payments go to health insurers in the Affordable Care Act to help lower-income people with co-pays and other cost sharing. Without them, insurers have said they’ll dramatically raise premiums or […]

Vulture Investors Swarm To Houston As Flooded Homes Sell For 40 Cents On The Dollar

      “The time to buy is when after there’s blood water in the streets.” As 1,000’s of families along the Texas shoreline continue to struggle with putting their lives back together following the apocalyptic landfall of Hurricane Harvey roughly 6 weeks ago, vulture investors are increasingly swooping in to exploit their misery with […]

The Obamacare “Death Spiral”: Health Plans Now Cost Employers More Than A New Car

With the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare replacement now officially dead, it appears Senate Republicans will be unable to pass a repeal-and-replace bill before the Sept. 30 deadline announced by the Senate Parliamentarian arrives – though it’s impossible to rule out another long-shot plan gaining momentum in the coming days. After the deadline, Senate Republicans would need 60 […]

The Next Shock For Texans: Insurance Often Doesn’t Cover Floods / by Tyler Durden / Sep 2, 2017 A complete assessment of the property damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey will take weeks, if not months, to deliver. But as the first disaster victims return to their homes, some are being forced to confront an unfortunate reality: Gaps in their homeowners’ insurance that will leave them on […]

It’s Official, Obamacare Rate Hikes Are Trump’s Fault

Obamacare premiums have been exploding higher ever since the controversial legislation took over health insurance markets.  And while many would say that another year of premium increases is a logical extrapolation of a predictable, multi-year trend resulting from a failed policy, others would like for you to believe that the massive (yet consistent) premium increases […]

Beijing Blowback Begins: China Orders Anbang To Sell Its Overseas Assets

Two weeks ago, when discussing the troubles plaguing one of China’s conglomerates and “boldest dealmaker”, HNA Group – recently best known for acquiring Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge capital in a transaction that has yet to close – we said that what until recently was one of the world’s most aggressive roll-ups of varied companies from around […]

Is Someone Worried About Consequences? / by Karl Denninger / 2017-06-26 C’mon Marc, cut the crap. Over the past decade, health care delivery has deteriorated – under the watchful eye of insurers and legislators – to the point where it can no longer be managed effectively or efficiently without enormous staffs who spend their days negotiating on behalf of patients while […]

It’s Official, Obamacare Collapse Is Trump’s Fault – Just Ask The WA Insurance Commissioner

Last night, Washington’s Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler sent out a press release noting that two counties in his state, Klickitat and Grays Harbor, would be left with no health insurance options in 2018.  Per the press release, the ~3,330 people in those counties currently signed up on the exchange would be able to buy insurance […]

Healthcare: “Insurance” Now Just Means Redistribution

Authored by Gary Galles via The Mises Institute, Americans have been fighting over health insurance reform for ages. For example, 25 years ago, in 1992, over 200 congressional health care bills were introduced. Unfortunately, while the rhetoric has focused on insurance, such as how many would supposedly gain or lose insurance if some change was […]