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Credit Suisse “Climbs The Wall Of Worry”, Raises S&P Target To 2,500 From 2,350

Following bearish reports from Goldman (which tactically downgraded stocks to Neutral for the next three months just hours before the Fed rate hike), RBC and JPM’s head quant Marko Kolanovic over the past week, overnight Credit Suisse decided to take the other side of the trade and hiked its year end forecasts for the S&P500, […]

Deutsche Bank Plunges Into Red For 2017 After Dilution, Revenue Warning

After raising capital at a 35% discount over the weekend, Deutsche Bank shares are tumbling once again – back into the red for 2017 – after CEO John Cryan warned that revenue would be "broadly flat" in 2017. As Bloomberg reports, Germany’s biggest bank has seen revenue falling or little changed from last year across […]

Deutsche Bank To Sell $8.5 Billion In Stocks, Announces Major Restructuring

Confirming last week’s report of an imminent share sale, on Sunday the biggest German lender announced it would raise €8 billion ($8.5 billion) in new capital through a rights offering sale of 687.5 million new shares, and sell parts of its asset management business in its latest attempt to shore capital following €8 billion in […]

Banks “Gag” Analysts From Discussing Politics On Air

In what may be a welcome change to what is already an overly politically charged financial atmosphere, Reuters reports that major banks are cracking down on market analysts talking publicly about politics over concerns of appearing partial with HSBC going so far to take its main global currencies commentator off air in an intensification of […]

Futures Unchanged In Thin Pre-Holiday Tape; Italian Bank Bailout Lifts European Shares

European stocks halted two days of declines, with the Stoxx 600 fractionally in the green and Italy’s bonds climbing after Monte Paschi requested a bailout and Italy pledged to provide support for its other ailing lenders. S&P futures were little changed among extremely thin volumes while Chinese stocks dropped amid concerns on higher borrowing costs. […]

“When Gold Goes Above 1430 We Whack It”

Submitted by Allan Flynn via ComexWeHaveAProblem blog,  As it goes in silver, so it goes in gold. In London at least.  In a bid to have UBS reinstated as a defendant in a London Gold Fix antitrust lawsuit, plaintiffs documents submitted to a New York Court last week include explosive chat room transcripts of UBS and traders from different […]

This is How “Tech” Paid $5 Billion in Fees to Wall Street in 2016, and What it Got for it / By Wolf Richter / September 8, 2016 Despite a plunge in overall US M&A, Tech deals soar. Investment banks have not been very lucky in extracting fees from Corporate America so far this year, and overall fee income has plunged 18% from the same period last year. But there was one standout: technology companies. Nowadays […]

Investment Banks in Danger as Robots Winning Current War: BAML / VALUEWALK / 09/02/2016 Technology is moving to disrupt as many business models as it can and investment banks are not immune, an August 26 91 page Bank of America Merrill Lynch report points out. Banks in the European Union are struggling with different challenges than some of their US or Japanese counterparts. Inside banks, there are […]

Tocqueville gold fund’s Hathaway earns a probationary tin-foil hat / By CHRIS POWELL / July 3, 2013 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Tocqueville gold fund manager John Hathaway’s new investor letter attributes the recent fall in the gold price to a bear raid by investment banks and hedge funds doing naked shorting. “Gold was rarely, if ever, delivered to a buyer,” Hathaway […]

The kamikaze debt market deleveraging– Total credit market debt balloons to $53 trillion while US households pushed to deleverage. While American household debt has fallen by $569 billion total credit market debt is up $3 trillion. February 27, 2012 When it comes to taking the bitter austerity medicine not all participants are shouldering the burden when it comes to the financial market bailouts.  The American worker and family have largely been in a massive round of deleveraging from an overhang of debt.  The data shows us this with household market […]