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11 Of 19 Bear Market Indicators Have Now Been Triggered: BofA

Two weeks ago, Bank of America tripped recession-watcher alarms, when it announced out that one of its surest bear-market indicators, one which has never had a false negative, had just been triggered. As we said at the time, according to BofA’s Savita Subramanian in November the S&P 500’s three-month earnings estimate revision ratio (ERR) fell […]

Human Traders Are Trouncing The Machines

The contemporary low volatility trading environment has been kind to actively managed equity funds – particularly if they piled into large-cap momentum stocks like Facebook and Amazon, which have been responsible for the bulk of this year’s rally. But while active managers have enjoyed three quarters of strong returns, quant funds – purportedly the future […]

How Passive Investing Distorts Earnings Season

In a spirited defense of today’s inefficient market, one which is allegedly unimpaired by the relentless metastasis of passive investing, Bloomberg wrote an article using Macro Risk Advisors data, in which it said that “for all the handwringing about how the growth of passive investing strategies is distorting the stock market” it concluded that “there’s […]

The “Smart Money” Is Sensing a BREXIT-Type Event.

The “smart money” is flashing a signal that the US economy and ultimately the financial system, are in serious trouble. CNBC and other media outlets like to focus on stocks because they tend to be more volatile and therefore more exciting. But BONDS are the “smart money” for the financial system. The Bond market is […]

Brodsky: “A Socialized Market With Guaranteed Positive Returns For All Must Fail”

Submitted by Paul Brodsky via “Selfishness is a virtue.”        – Ayn Rand “Selfishness is profitable, but for institutionalized investors it takes courage to be selfish.”        – Paul Brodsky Self-Serve In Passive Aggressive, we made the case that ETFs can be useful vehicles for thoughtful active investors. A few people agreed with our […]

3 Things: Distortions, Earnings Missed, You’re Crazy

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Distortions Of Investing One of the most important readings I have done as of late was from Horizon Kinetics on investing and modeling. It’s a bit long, but worth a read particularly if you are of the “buy and hold” type mentality. While the whole piece is worth reading, here was […]

Thinking of Buying or Selling Gold? Keep an Open Mind

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Sasha Cekerevac / July 17, 2013 You’ve got to change with the times. One point that I’ve reiterated several times is that it’s vital to deploy an investment strategy that incorporates the current market environment when determining how to allocate one’s portfolio. A […]

What You Don’t Know About Home Prices Can Hurt You

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Sasha Cekerevac / March 21, 2013 As the rebound in home prices continues, many people are trying to determine what the best investment strategy is at this point in time. Let’s take a look at what has happened and what is most […]