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The Great Retirement Con

This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at PeakProsperity The Origins Of The Retirement Plan Back during the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress promised a monthly lifetime income to soldiers who fought and survived the conflict. This guaranteed income stream, called a “pension”, was again offered to soldiers in the Civil War and every […]

Baby Boomers Beware: Low Returns Ahead

Source: Business Insider / FS STAFF / 01/26/2017 Retirement planners often assume rates of return on clients’ portfolios between 6 and 7 percent right now. This time on Financial Sense Lifetime Income Series, we look at why this isn’t likely in our present situation, and what investors can do to protect themselves. Retirees Face Difficult Challenges We’re […]

Sprott Money’s Brandon Green: This Is The Time To Own Precious Metals – Maurice Jackson / By Maurice Jackson / May 18, 2016 Sprott Money’s Brandon Green sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss with investors the merits of allocating precious metals into a portfolio, geographical diversification with one the most trusted names in the industry and how investors can protect their portfolio with a self-directed […]

Obama Targeting Your Retirement Accounts / by Martin Armstrong / June 8, 2015 Obama’s polls show he is now enjoys the status of a lower approval rating than George Bush, Jr. and that is really saying something. Obama is clearly a Marxist and he buys into the problem is people are saving too much and is using this to justify entertaining […]

Terry Coxon on US Dysfunction and the International Trust Solution

Terry Coxon / With Anthony Wile – April 19, 2014 Introduction: Terry Coxon is the author of Keep What You Earn and was for many years a close collaborator with and editor for the late Harry Browne. He currently is a regular contributor to The Casey Report. Mr. Coxon has a distinguished history as an […]

AN EASY SOLUTION TO OWNING GOLD OFFSHORE IN YOUR IRA NOT MANY KNOW ABOUT / Jeff Berwick / March 26, 2014 I spend most of my time writing, researching and discussing The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI), which basically boils down to one thing – the coming collapse of the US dollar. We have written thousands of pages on it here at our blog, […]

Obama To Unveil Treasury IRA Plans, Or Planning For A Post-Monetization World / by Tyler Durden on 01/28/2014 13:25 -0500 Wondering who will take over the mantle of Treasury bond buyer now that the Fed is stepping away? Curious of the government’s next steps towards repression and control of wealth? Wait no longer. As the AP reports, President Obama will unveil a new retirement savings plan tonight that allows […]

IT BEGINS! FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FORCING EMPLOYEES 401K FUNDS INTO TREASURIES! / BY THE DOC / JANUARY 24, 2014 Those who have been delaying moving their retirement funds out of the system on the account of early withdrawal taxes may want to take notice. If the official notification an SD reader from the TSP has just received is any indication, it appears that our prediction of forced movement […]

Fidelity Bans IRA Bitcoin Investments Days After Permitting Them / by Tyler Durden on 12/12/2013 15:18 -0500 Following what we can only imagine was uproar following our discussion of Fidelity “allowing self-directed IRA holders to ‘invest’ in Bitcoin,” the company has very quickly reversed policy… As MarketWatch notes,  “On an individual basis, we allowed an investor to invest in that Bitcoin Investment Trust,” said Rob Beauregard, director of […]

Fidelity Now Allows Bitcoins in Your IRA / Michael Krieger / December 11, 2013 Well this is simply huge. As much as many people want Bitcoin to simply go away (see my recent interview on the topic with Miles Franklin), it is simply not happening. This news represents a very, very positive development. Fidelity deserves a lot of credit for taking the lead on […]