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The Refugee Crisis: A Mirror Into Turkey’s Growing Instability / GLOBAL RISK INSIGHTS / 02/23/2016 The Syrian crisis has shaken the foundations of the ‘European’ Project and polarized the European community. However, the continent is dealing with a small number of refugees in comparison to states in the Middle East. Lebanon and Turkey have taken significant amounts of Syrian refugees since the crisis began in 2011. […]

Moscow Demands Britain Explain “Green Light To Shoot Down Russian Jets” by Tyler Durden on 10/11/2015 14:00 The chances of escalation from a proxy war to outright war just went to 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier of sabre-rattling. A day after British and NATO pilots were reportedly given the green light to take drastic action against Russian fighter jetsif they come under threat during missions […]

The Roots Of Iraq’s Looming Financial Crisis / by David Wille via, / 08/05/2015 15:25 LowOIL PRICES and the battle against Islamic State (IS) are pushing Iraq toward a financial crisis. Only fundamental reforms, especially decentralization of power, can resolve the challenges facing Iraq today. OIL EXPORTSare by far the most important segment of Iraq’s economy, making up about half of […]

CNBC Video; Slavery/Currency; Silver Buy now or later?

For the CNBC video, i recommend searching for it. I searched CNBC by “Date Added” by clicking on Filter – Relevance – Date Added. You can also search “CNBC central bank slave” and you should get it on page one. Link for the video on credit card advertisement analysis on another channel: Directory Link […]

"Cracks in the Pavement – Collapse," Trajectories, EMT Drug Shortage Redux

I talk about several issues in this video by revisiting a Primary Story which I developed two years ago regarding EMT drug shortages. This story is illustrative of a structural problem causing cracks in the pavement, causing people to lose life expectancy. I based my analysis on a direct report that was then confirmed from […]

Dollar Index Technical Analysis (05.08.2012)

Dollar Index

April 2012 – manipulation events keep the silver chart looking like crap

The live spot silver chart I use most often: Real unemployment chart: My website: Liberty Leaf, for stackers within the USA:

Silver Manipulation Exposed On Mainstream TV! ‘High Frequency Shearing’ – Mike Maloney

How does manipulation of silver prices effect you? In this video with RT Capital Account’s Lauren Lyster, Mike Maloney talks about a mission critical topic for gold and silver investors—manipulation. Governments and central banks around the world manage the action of markets to maintain an illusion of prosperity, but Mike calls gold and silver the "canaries in the coal mine."

Mike talks about the economics of manipulation and how governments and investment banks collude to keep a lid on the price of gold and silver. When gold and silver rise, it is a sign that the governments and central banks of the world are beginning to lose their grip. By being able to sell contracts worth tons of silver in milliseconds, investment banks can control the price of gold and silver. The manipulation can be proven just by examining the price of gold. If you invested in gold during New York trading hours, you would have lost over 70% of your investment. If you were to be short gold during New York Trading and long during PM hours, you would have made massive gains. The manipulation is obvious; even governments agree that manipulation exists in the silver market, as Proven By’s Christian Garcia:

David Morgan, The "Silver Guru" Excerpt from the Silver Summit Conference 2011 Video Interview

Link to article:

Silver Update and Basic Money Creation (03.07.2012)

money creation