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Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global.  This week, the Federal Reserve hosted its first-ever VIRTUAL Jackson Hole Meeting. I had three screens OPENED SIMULTANEOUSLY: one on gold’s price, the second on the S&P 500 and the third on Powell’s testimony. It was […]

See no evil, speak no evil… / By Alasdair Macleod / August 31, 2017 The Jackson Hole speeches of Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi last week were notable for the omission of any comment about the burning issues of the day: …where do the Fed and the ECB respectively think America and the Eurozone are in the central bank induced credit cycle, […]

The Path to Economic Growth Is An Absence of Economists / John Tamny / September 1, 2017 The great investor and writer Andy Kessler frequently points out that the failure rate among Silicon Valley start-ups is 90 percent.  Every member of the economics profession would be wise to memorize the previous figure, and repeat it daily.  If so, economists might come closer to understanding why […]

A Convocation of Interventionists, Part 2 / Pater Tenebrarum / September 6, 2016 Pleas for More Deficit Spending We continue with our Jackson Hole post mortem – including remarks that were made by economists and monetary bureaucrats shortly before and after the pow-wow and seem to be connected to the discussions there. *** We should preface the following with a Mises quote, […]

Fed Up Friday: Aug. 27 – Sept. 2 / BY SCHIFFGOLD / SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 It’s been a week since Janet Yellen’s talk at Jackson Hole. Learn more about the aftermath and what’s to come in this week’s edition of Fed Up Friday. New Job Numbers Bad News for Possible September Rate Hike Employment numbers for August came in this morning, and, at just 151,000 […]

Why Everyone Should Have Left Wyoming With A Smile / By Richard Breslow / Aug 29, 2016 Give her credit, Janet Yellen did indeed manage to leave Jackson Hole with September again “live”. Even without an explicit pre-commitment. It’s been a long slog, still has caveats and data-dependency, but it’s there nonetheless. It was well played, even if the hike-denier set still maintain that she […]

Global Stocks Slide, Futs Flat; Commodities Down On Stronger Dollar As Hike Odds Reprice Higher / by Tyler Durden / Aug 29, 2016 The dollar index rose to a two-week high on Monday, while bond yields jumped to their highest since June and global stocks sold off after senior Federal Reserve officials indicated a U.S. interest rate increase was on the cards in the near term. The Fed effect – and […]

And now for Yellen… / by Marc Chandler / August 26, 2016 Yellen’s presentation at Jackson Hole today is the highlight of the week.  It also marks the end of the summer for many North American and European investors.  It may be a bit of a rolling start for US participants, until after Labor Day. However, with US employment data […]

Markets Struggle to Stabilize / by Marc Chandler / August 31, 2015 After a tumultuous week, the global capital markets are struggling to stabilize.  Chinese equities were under sharp downward pressure following news reports that the large-scale intervention was to end.  However, stocks roared back in late dealings, and other reports indicated that brokerages were being asked to boost […]

Fischer Speaks At Jackson Hole: “Fed Should Not Wait Until 2% Inflation To Begin Tightening” / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 12:41 Today’s most anticipated event at tthis year’s Jackson Hole event was the panel on “Global Inflation Dynamics”, not because there is any core inflation in the world (at least not in the way the CPI measures it), especially not now that China is finally in the deflation exporting […]