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SHTFplan: Former Congressman Claims The DEEP STATE Is Real In New Book

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. In his new book titled  “The Deep State: How an army of bureaucrats protected Barack Obama and is working to destroy Donald Trump,” Jason Chaffetz alleges that the deep state is very real.  His book, which is set to be published on September 18, details the lengths the […]

Comey To Testify Next Wednesday At 9:30am

Set your alarms: the public appearance by fired FBI Director James Comey (who “evidently has a new phone #”) that could make or break the presidency, has just been scheduled, and according to Jason Chaffetz, the hearing will take place next Wednesday at 9:30am. Officially noticed a hearing for next Wed at 9:30am ET with […]

Senate Demands White House Tapes, Comey Memos On Just About Everyone

Following Jason Chaffetz' lead from last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee has demanded that The FBI hand over all Comey's memos "memorializing interactions" with Trump, Obama, Sessions, Lynch, Rosenstein, Boente, and Yates… Charles Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Lindsey Graham, and Shedon Whitehouse wrote to Acting FBI Director McCabe… Dear Mr. McCabe   Yesterday, the New York […]

Trump Does Not Accept Comey’s Wiretap Denial: White House

Having thrown the Justice Department under the bus yesterday, it appears the FBI Director has not managed to pass the hot potato of blame/responsibility for Trump’s wiretap accusations. As The Hill reports, a White House spokeswoman on Monday said she “doesn’t think” Trump accepts Comey’s denial of the president’s claims. As a reminder, a New […]

Top Democrat Calls For Probe Into President-Elect Trump’s “Vast Financial Entanglements”

Having been bitterly disappointed last week that Rep. Jason Chaffetz did not automatically drop his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email indiscretions, Rep. Elijah Cummings has struck back by demanding a probe into President-Elect Trump’s “vast financial entanglements” and his “unprecedented secrecy.” Cummings proclaims that Trump’s business dealings “raise serious questions about how he avoids conflicts […]