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This 2,000-yo Lead Tablet Could Change What We Know About Jesus: “Earliest Document in Existence”

An article of faith? Controversial and startling new evidence is casting light on a part of Jesus’ life that was not previously known, and appears to provide documentary evidence of his work. A lead tablet artifact contains noteworthy references and at least some of the details of his life, and is now the oldest discovered […]

Al-Aqsa Anger: ‘Judaization of Jerusalem targets Islamic relics’

Israel has a secret agenda of destroying the Arab-Islamic identity of Jerusalem, and forcing the Muslim population out of the city and their land, Dr. Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine told RT. ­Sabri accused Israeli authorities of the deliberate Judaization of Jerusalem, and of attempting to gradually take control of […]

Ruinous Record: Arab village demolished 38 times in Israel

Residents of a Palestinian village have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to register that their village was demolished by Israel 38 times. For more on this story RT talks to Jeff Halper, co-founder and executive director of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Watch RT LIVE on our website Subscribe to RT! […]

Nakba Clashes: ‘Jews & Arabs hurt alike by split’

Clashes have broken out between protesters and Israeli security forces, as Palestinians mark Nakba – or Catastrophe – Day. They’re remembering the hundreds of thousands displaced after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. RT’s Paula Slier repor…