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Peter Schiff: Don’t Be Fooled By The US’s ‘Phony Prosperity’

Financial guru Peter Schiff says everyone is being fooled by the mainstream media when it comes to the economic health of the United States.  But Schiff says it is all a delusion and phony prosperity isn’t going to last. A lot of seemingly positive economic data came out last week, but in his most recent […]

Peter Schiff: There’s A BIG Problem With The Economy, ‘Americans Are BROKE’

Financial analyst Peter Schiff says there’s a big problem with the economy even though the mainstream media is reporting that rising interest rates are a good thing.  The problem, however, is that Americans are broke, and those interest rates could have a major impact on some of our wallets. “The bad news is, we are […]

Why The Jobs Report Is Not Nearly As Strong As You Are Being Told

Happy days are here again? On Friday, the mainstream media was buzzing with the news that the U.S. economy had added 255,000 jobs during the month of July. But as you will see below, the U.S. economy did not add 255,000 jobs during the month of July. In fact, without an extremely generous “seasonal adjustment”, […]

Something Big That Always Happens Right Before The Official Start Of A Recession Has Just Happened

What you are about to see is major confirmation that a new economic downturn has already begun.  Last Friday, the government released the worst jobs report in six years, and that has a lot of people really freaked out.  But when you really start digging into those numbers, you quickly find that things are even […]

Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years – 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs

This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen.  On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the U.S. economy only added 38,000 jobs in May.  This was way below the 158,000 jobs that analysts were projecting, and it is also way below what is needed just to keep up with population growth.  […]

The Winners and Losers From Higher Rates / MATTHEW KERKHOFF via / 11/10/2015 Investors are once again battening down the hatches, preparing themselves for rough conditions stirred up by the Fed’s weather system. The FOMC’s latest remarks, combined with last Friday’s strong jobs report, have convinced many investors that the first rate hike will happen in December. Fed funds futures currently indicate a two-thirds possibility […]

Another Fraudulent Jobs Report / Paul Craig Roberts / April 5, 2014 Paul Craig Roberts The March payroll jobs report released April 4 claims 192,000 new private sector jobs. Here is what John Williams has to say about the claim: “The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) deliberately publishes its seasonally-adjusted historical payroll-employment and household-survey (unemployment) data so that the numbers […]

Daily Pfennig: Investors finally get some US data to trade on / Chuck Butler / January 23, 2014 8:52am Investors finally get some US data to trade on… Good day.  The temperatures are on the negative side of zero this morning, and the wind chill is just downright COLD!  I had to break into a jog just to get across the bridge before I froze this morning.  We are […]

The Investment Climate in 7 Points / by Marc Chandler / January 19, 2014 1.  The Federal Reserve will continue its tapering strategy outlined by the FOMC last month.  The wobble in opinion caused by the unexpectedly poor December jobs report has been largely shrugged off. The Beige Book upgraded its assessment of US growth and recent data have spurred economist to revise up […]

Great Graphic: Another Look at the US Jobs Data / by Marc Chandler / January 11, 2014 The significance of the hugely disappointing December jobs report will continue to be debated.  One interesting aspect, pointed out by Catherine Rampell at the New York Times, is the gender composition of the new jobs. In December, net new employment by women increased by 75k jobs, men a net 1k […]