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Rockets And Grenades Fired At Kabul Airport After Mattis’ Arrival

Less than two hours after the United States defense secretary James Mattis landed in Kabul, about forty rockets and rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the airport. Mattis was not injured. This is Mattis’ first trip to Afghanistan since President Donald Trump  announced a new strategy for Afghanistan, recommitting to the country and declaring during a prime-time address […]

Korea, Afghanistan, And The Never-Ending War Trap

Authored by Pepe Escobar via Asia Times, While the US-backed 'Hunger Games' in South Korea plow on, a 'new strategy' for Afghanistan is really all about business. But China is already there… There are more parallels between an unfinished 1950s war in Northeast Asia and an ongoing 16-year-old war in the crossroads between Central and […]

Gunmen Storm American University In Afghanistan: Explosions, Gunfire Ongoing

American Univ. in Kabul is reportedly under attack -American teachers & hundreds of students are sheltering inside — Bret Baier (@BretBaier) August 24, 2016 / by Tyler Durden / Aug 24, 2016 11:36 AM Gunmen have stormed American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday night as witnesses said they heard gunfire and explosions ringing out. […]

Two Dead In Tel Aviv Shooting Attack, Car Bomb Explodes At Afghan Restaurant In Violent Start To New Year / by Tyler Durden / 01/01/2016 08:48 -0500 Just hours after Bavarian authorities closed the Hauptbahnhof and Pasing stations in Munich after Germany received a tip from French and American intelligence sources that a terrorist attack was planned for New Year’s Eve, two “incidents” have occurred in Kabul and Tel Aviv. While it’s not clear if […]

RussiaToday: ‘US military, CIA out of control in Afghanistan’

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has warned that the recently signed strategic pact with the US is at risk of becoming "meaningless" if the people do not feel safe in the country. This comes after reports that four air strikes in recent days, carried out by international forces, left dozens of civilians dead. For more RT talks Ahmed Quraishi President of lobbying group PakNationalists Forum.

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RussiaToday: Video: NATO helicopter crash kills 16 in Afghanistan

Four Afghan civilians and 12 Turkish soldiers were killed in a crash involving a NATO-operated Turkish chopper. The vehicle came down on a house and burst into flames in the Bagrami district, close to the capital Kabul. The helicopter was operated by t…