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WHY YOU SHOULDN’T READ ABOUT PAUL KRUGMAN WHILE DRINKING / By Gary Gibson / June 4, 2013 Have you ever been at a bar or some other public place and had to overhear some goober talking nonsense that wasn’t just offensive but also aggressively stupid? We’ve all been there: listening to some idiot spout off on something that we know to be patently, embarrassingly […]

Triple Lutz Report #213 – The Election Has Been Over For Months… Romney

I always say that we don’t follow politics on FSN and yet here we are again discussing the election. However, what this is really about is an effort to shape your reality by bombarding you with propaganda about the inevitability of Obama’s victory. However, while the elites are often capable of molding events and therefore […]

Corbett Report Radio 225 – Financial Survival with Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network joins us once again to talk about the financial and economic collapse and how best to prepare for it. We discuss precious metals, junior mining stocks, the monetary system and its alternatives, rising military tensions around the globe and much, much more on this jam-packed edition of the […]

Francis Cianfrocca–Fall Can Be Murder On Your Portfolio 16.Aug.12 presents Francis Cianfrocca is a noted writer and financial authority. He feels that we are in for a very rough fall. Traditionally, most crashes occur in the fall and have been doing so for hundreds of years. It probably has something to do with the agricultural crop cycle, where loans get made earlier in […]

Mark Faber–Financial Survival Is About Diversification And Personal Survival 16.Aug.12 presents Inflation has killed the middle class and provided a windfall to Wall Street. The financial sector has outgrown the real economy substantially over the past 30 years. The financial sector no longer exists to allocate capital but rather to act as the “house” in the largest casino that the world has ever known. […]

Gary Gibson–Rough Times Ahead For Individual Liberty and Freedom 15.Aug.12 presents Gary Gibson, our old friend has joined a new site. He’s working with another friend, Jeff Berwick of This is an ideal match. They’re both practicing anarchists who have an inate distrust of all things government. And who can blame them? The way things are starting to disintegrate around the globe, the […]

Barry Stuppler–Gold Market Appears Ready To Breakout-But Watch Out For Chinese Counterfeits 16.Aug. presents Barry Stuppler is bullish on gold and he is trying to protect US buyers from a wave of Chinese counterfeit precious metals coins and bars. Barry always has his ear to the ground and his hand on the pulse of the precious metals markets around the world. He believes that the narrow sideways […]

David Morgan–It’s Beginning To Look Like The Precious Metals Bull Market Lives On 10.Aug.12 presents David Morgan joined us again, after last week’s interview from the road. It’s amazing what a brief vacation can do for the mind, body and soul. David’s back and he’s seeing renewed strength in the metals markets. The ability of silver to consistently stay above the $26 level and now above the $28, […]

Diana Zoppa–Uncertain and Somewhat Scary Times–Part 1–09.Aug.12 presents Diana Zoppa and I got together for our weekly show. We talked a lot about these uncertain and somewhat scary times. It’s amazing how a little thing like losing all your wealth can make you very spiritual. And Diana’s 12 and 13 year old nieces are visiting her this week. Unlike many kids […]

Chris Duane–The SilverShield Goes To Washington 09.Aug.12 presents Chris Duane was in the People’s Cesspit, otherwise known as Washington, DC. He had the honor of meeting Dr. Ron Paul and discussing monetary policy and sound money with the good Doctor, who’s been a 40 year proponent of it. And while Dr. Paul’s is on his way towards a much deserved retirement, […]