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The Keynesian Myth of Deflation- Why the Fed Really Needs Inflation

The Truth Behind the Reason the Fed Needs Inflation Peggy Joseph got her 15 minutes of fame during the 2008 Presidential campaign when an interview she gave to a reporter went viral on the Internet.  In the interview Joseph professed her support for then Senator Barack Obama because she believed Obama was going to make it […]

Depressions Are Depressing

This chapter of Understanding money remains unfinished.  Still, I believe it is an important chapter because it shows how the good intentions of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government were the sole cause of the global Great Depression.  I had covered 1930, 31, and the beginning of 1932 when I turned my attention to […]

Bumps, Dips, Bubbles, and Storms (Part 1)

I had to split this chapter from my first book, Understanding Money, into two parts because of its length. It takes you on the wild economic ride from the end of WWI, the depression of 1921, the Florida real estate bubble, through the roaring 20’s, and ends with the stock market crash of `29. The […]

The Golden Rule – 1871 to 1913 Classical Gold Standard

This was another short, but important, chapter that the editors cut from my book. Enjoy Mike     The Golden Rule The Classical Gold Standard: 1871 – 1913 When the Franco-Prussian War broke out in 1870, the 22 states of the North German Confederation joined with Baden, Bavaria, and Wurttemberg, to fight against France. At […]

The B.U.S. Takes America for a Ride – Adventures in Central Banking

Here is yet another chapter that was cut from my book.  Since this was one of the early chapters it would have been written in 2005 or 2006, but now I have extended it with some updated commentary at the end.  Since my book was going to be published by the largest publisher in the […]

Privatized Chinese Banks Still Party to Destructive Fiat System

China says it is on a fast track to liberalizing its tightly controlled and state-dominated banking system, according to statements by Chinese central bank authorities earlier this year. The push to approve privately owned banks, widely viewed as a logical next step in China’s economic reform efforts, seems to be developing more quickly than expected. […]

If The Good Times Are Really Over – Blame Milhous

After hearing Rob Schneider – We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism call it an “ugly slide”, it reminded of Merle Haggard in Are The Good Times Really Over (which is worth listening to for the first line alone, but really starts crushin’ it at 1:50): “I wish a buck was still silver, and it […]

Hazlitt Deconstructs Keynes on Natural Rate of Interest

It is a new era? It is best to be a consumer, and “help to further trade”? As we started in Big Spenders Not Key to Real Economic Health: This audio clip from Henry Hazlitt’s The Failure of the New Economics, starts with a Keynes quote on interest rates, and then Hazlitt corrects, as it […]

Asian Silver Demand, State Legal Tender Laws Signal Move to Gold, Silver

In May of 2012 we wrote Shanghai Exchange Begins Physical Silver Delivery Shanghai Silver, and an update is due, as since then, now almost two years on, an immense demand has emerged on par with the famed Asian love for the yellow metal. As you can see in the chart below, silver deliveries out of […]

Ponzi Gave Name to Tried and True Scam

WealthCycles readers may know we have frequently referred to fractional reserve banking, and the global monetary system, for that matter as Ponzi or pyramid schemes. The term “Ponzi scheme” is frequently in the headlines, in a local news item in which some local sharpie has bilked senior citizens or his drinking buddies out of a […]