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“The Bucks Stop Here”: Keynesian Economics Will Get Blamed for the Crash / by Gary North / July 25, 2015 For as long as the present economic system lumbers along, Keynesians will control the levers of power and influence. But when at last the system goes down in a heap, and central banks cannot restore the system, there will be a quest for answers. Keynesians have […]

Is Simple Incompetence The Real Source Of Crises? / by Daniel R. Amerman, CFA / June 10, 2015 There are two quite different narratives for explaining the financial crisis of 2008, the resulting Great Recession and the chances for a new crisis. The first narrative revolves around theory and jargon. It’s Keynesian versus Austrian economics, it is societal debt levels, it is […]

Contra Krugman, Europe Shows Benefit of Lean Government / Robert P. Murphy / Friday, August 29th, 2014 The great thing about Paul Krugman is that you just need to let him tie the rhetorical noose with which he hangs himself. The funniest example is when he asked a group of Canadians in a live forum whether they liked their government health care, and it blew […]

The Keynesian Money Printers Repudiated Again: June New Home Sales Swoon / David Stockman / July 25, 2014 New home sales during June really hit the skids, posting a 8% decline from May and a 11.5% drop from last June. Also, May was revised sharply lower to 442k from 504k and April and March were revised lower by 24k. The three-month downward revision thus totaled 86k. So much for the great housing recovery euphoria that occurred […]

Spot Japan’s “Cash-For-Machine-Clunkers” Pre-Tax Boost / by Tyler Durden on 05/18/2014 21:07 Given the total and utter lack of response from USDJPY, it should be clear that the exuberance that will be expounded tomorrow regarding Japan’s Machine Orders 19.1% MoM jump (more than tripling expectations) should be taken with the proverbial Keynesian drag-demand-forward pinch of salt. This is the biggest monthly jump in […]

Read It And Weep: More Keynesian Rubbish From Rupert’s Knuckleheads / by David Stockman • May 16, 2014 Once upon a time Wall Street Journal reporters were economically literate. Now, apparently, when they muster-in for the job they get a Keynesian chip implant while signing their HR forms. Otherwise, how can you explain the bolded sentence penned this AM by Brian Blackstone on the EU’s “disappointing” Q1 GDP […]

Hayek On Keynes: “Economics Was A Sideline For Him” / by Tyler Durden on 02/17/2014 17:16 -0500 Keynes will be remembered as “a man with a great many ideas that knew very little economics,” Friedrich Hayek notes in this brief interview and when challenged on his ‘parochial’ knowledge of economic history he was “not sheepish in the least… he was much too self-assured.” Hayek’s perspective […]

How The “QE Economy” Works (And Why It Doesn’t) In One Giant Flowchart / by Tyler Durden on 12/12/2013 16:40 -0500 From liquidity-driven perception to the Keynesian endpoint economic reality… just follow the arrows… READ MORE

Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman: Who Is The True Prophet, Who Is The False? / November 29, 2013 Isn’t it strange? We are living in the 21st century, a period of time in which people buy land on the moon, humanity has dozens of satellites providing GPS services and real time traffic information, internet brings people and information as close as one click, science and technology are making historic […]

Keynesian Dogmatism / By Andy Sutton / June 3, 2013 Lest I be accused of picking on US-centered media outlets, we’re going to spend a bit of time this week dissecting a Eurozone Reuters article which puts on full display the completely absurd rationale of the Keynesian economic model. This folks is truly the stinker of the […]