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Millennials Have Never Been More In Debt, And It Is Creating A Major Risk For The Economy

There is a seemingly unlimited number of disconnects in financial markets these days, not the least of which is the shocking divergence in recent years between the ever plunging unemployment rate in the United States and stubbornly rising delinquencies on consumer debt. In fact, according to a note published earlier today by UBS strategist Matthew […]

UBS Explains Who’s Most At Risk In The Next Consumer Deleveraging Cycle

In their 2Q 2017 survey, UBS found that, for the first time since at least 2014, the trajectory of financial health of low-income households has started to diverge from that of more affluent households.  Per the graph below from UBS’ credit strategy team led by Matthew Mish, while a firming job market has helped households […]

Deutsche: The Fed Has Created “Universal Basic Income For The Rich” And Now It Can’t Get Out

Two weeks after Aleksandar Kocic highlighted the moment in 2012 when the market stopped caring about newsflow and reality, and, in a word “broke” with pervasive complacency setting in regardless of macro uncertainty… … Deutsche Bank’s post modernist master of stream-of-consciousness narrative is back with a new essay dissecting his favorite topic, the interplay between […]

From “Dissensus” To “Democrazy”: A Warning From Deutsche Bank

Last October, Deutsche Bank’s credit derivatives expert Aleksandar Kocic, one of the best stream-of-consciousness, James Joyceian writers among the Wall Street sell-side, penned what was at the time the best summary why the existing politcal system was fracturing with every passing day. As Kocic put it, the most likely origin of the anti-global sentiment expressed […]

ZeroHedge: Who Said It: “Donald Trump Has Shown An Extraordinary Ability To Understand Our Economy, To Create Jobs”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Moments ago Mitt Romney concluded a fiery speech in which he blasted Donald Trump, accusing him of being a “con man” and asking republicans to choose “anyone else” but Trump. Among the points he brought up was that Trump’s domestic […]

ZeroHedge: Six Reasons To Buy Gold In 2016

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Via,  “Betting against gold is the same as betting on governments. He who bets on governments and government money bets against 6,000 years of recorded human history.”   – Charles De Gaulle, Leader of the French resistance during WWII and […]

ZeroHedge: Fannie, Freddie May Need Another Bailout As Washington Drags Feet On Housing Finance Reform

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Back in March of last year, the FHFA warned that Fannie and Freddie may well go bankrupt at which point taxpayers would once again be on the hook for subsidizing their own bad mortgage debt. As you might recall, the […]

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange: Towers With Frickin’ Laserbeams Attached To Their Heads

Back in March, when looking at the main antenna array at the real “New York” Stock Exchange located off Route 17 and MacArthur Boulevard in Mahwah, New Jersey, we noticed something peculiar: instead of just housing various now traditional microwave dishes…   … a new device had quietly appeared.   The “device”, as Extremetech explained […]

Boehner Is Out: What This Means For Government Shutdown Odds And The Debt-Ceiling Fight

In the aftermath of John Boehner’s surprising resignation announcement, the punditry has been scrambling to opine what this departure means for the odds of a government shut down, some saying the likelihood has increased, while others, such as Goldman, confident shutdown odds are materially reduced. The truth is likely in the middle, and while the […]

Biggest US Dark Pool Busted For Rigging Markets, Engaging In Precisely The Manipulation It Warned Against

One year ago, in the first ever crack down on market manipulation and rigging in HFT-infested dark pools and ATS venues, the NY AG crushed Barclay’s dark pool LX with just one lawsuit alleging the bank had misrepresented and taken advantage of gullible clients to benefit well-paying HFT parasitic scalpers who not only have never […]