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Environmental Nightmare! Dozens Of Highly Toxic Substances Have Been Found In Tap Water All Over America

After reading this article, you will never look at tap water the same way again.  Most Americans have generally assumed that the water coming out of our taps is perfectly safe, but the Flint water crisis and other similar incidents are starting to help people to understand that there are some very dangerous substances in […]

Slow Kill: Flint’s Drinking Water Now Linked to “Causing Rashes And Hair Loss”

This article was written by Daniel Barker and originally published at Natural Editor’s Comment: This is the real war on poverty, the one to get rid of people. This isn’t just about the water, this is about dismissing the health and safety of an entire community. Guess what – they have the same disregard […]

Now Collapsing Flint Suspends Trash Pick-up: “Stench of Rotting Garbage Permeating Streets”

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Konstancin-Jeziorna. This article was written by Jonathan Benson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: As if Flint needed another reason to become the symbol of America’s decline, they now have a trash scandal to compliment their tainted water scandal. Note: After several days of trash piling up on curbs across the […]

SHTFplan: Obama Drinks Filtered Tap Water, Downplays Lead Risk: “Flint Water At This Point Is Drinkable”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. And… it’s safe. President Obama says so. As Flint’s water crisis drags on, and officials expect a period of two years to replace the city’s corroded pipes, President Obama has become a pitchman to quell the population’s worries and take the pressure off of Flint leaders, despite […]

SHTFplan: The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Image: Luuva, Creative Commons Yet another public water supply has been found tainted with toxic lead from corrosive pipes. It is no surprise to watch crumbling rust belt cities under siege by corrosive, tainted and dangerous lead pipes, though it is tragic. Cincinnati, like Flint, has a […]


Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Carey Wedler via THE ANTI-MEDIA / JANUARY 29, 2016  Editor’s Note: Makes you wonder about the rest of the country, doesn’t it??? As the nation rightly focuses on Flint’s ongoing water crisis, other cities in the state of Michigan face even […]

SHTFplan: “Man Made Water Disaster”: National Guard Take Water Door-to-Door in Contaminated Michigan

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Disaster at home has once again brought out the National Guard to provide emergency relief to hundreds of thousands of people facing toxic tap water. Americans are in peril, and government agencies are scrambling to patch up the failure to provide decent conditions to its residents. On […]

How Much Does it Cost to Mine Silver? / by Wealth Wire / May 15, 2012 Last year, I wrote an article titled THE COMPLETE COST OF MINING SILVER. In it I used a quick formula to figure what a truer cost would be for an ounce of silver than the CASH COST. Miners use the cash cost to compare just how cheap it is to mine […]