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“$1MM Per Minute In Salaries, $22BN Per Year In Vacation Pay” And Other Fun Facts About The Federal Workforce

The folks at Open The Books decided to take a deep dive into the salaries of 1.97 million federal employees, using data collected from the Office Of Personnel Management and the USPS via FOIA requests, and the endless examples of excessive pay and pure waste are sure to make you sick, if not downright suicidal.  […]

Brexit Double Cross? Plot for Greater Centralization in “The Long Game”

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Editor’s Comment: Is it possible that we have all been played through a crafty game of reverse psychology and scheming double games in the market place for greater global power? There is certainly evidence that the banksters placed bets on a […]

SHTFplan: Shock Brexit Victory Sends Pound Plummeting As Gold Soars: “All Hell Is Breaking Loose”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Image: Creative Commons CC0 The full meaning of Britain’s decision to leave the EU will only be appreciated in due time, but already it is causing some earth-shattering side effect. The financial markets and central banks are trying to reassure investors to keep calm and carry on, […]

SHTFplan: Sensational Murder of MP Leads to Suspension of Brexit Campaign, “Vote in Limbo”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. There are serious economic, social and political issues at stake in the world right now, and those fighting for them are fighting dirty. Only the day before last, SHTF pointed out that the bankers-that-be have put a gun to the head of the economy, and would do […]

Markets Queasy After Sick Janet Yellen Ends Live Speech: “Initial Reaction Was A Dive in Stocks”

It might be taken as a bad omen for the economy. Perhaps, it was the sign of a sick market. Then again, the Federal Reserve is not too obvious with its hints about future policy and its effects on policy. Nonetheless, during a speech where many were watching for news about a possible rate hike, […]