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Turks Panic-Buy The Most Gold Ever In July / by Tyler Durden / Aug 2, 2017 12:42 PM A funny thing has happened in Turkey since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan installed himself as ‘Sultan for life’… The Lira collapsed… And Turks have been importing gold at an unprecedented rate… READ MORE The post Turks Panic-Buy The Most Gold Ever In July appeared first on Silver […]

Turkish Lira Carnage Continues – World’s Most Volatile Currency Crashes Most Since Lehman

The Lira – officially the world's most volatile currency – has lost 11% of its value since the start of 2017 (down 8 of the last 9 days against the USD).   In fact, the lira headed for its biggest five-day loss since Lehman (Oct 2008) after a pledge by Turkey’s central bank to support […]

Erdogan Demands Turks Exchange Their Dollars To Gold, Lira / by Tyler Durden / Dec 2, 2016 11:58 AM Early this morning, in yet another session of panicked selling, the Turkish Lira crashed to new record lows to just shy of USDTRY 3.60, momentarily going bidless as the currency plunged nearly 400 pips in seconds, after Turkish President Recep Erdogan said the path for investors will […]

More Trouble In Turkey As Lira Plunges To New Lows, Bond Yields Soar / by Tyler Durden / 08/18/2015 09:29 On Monday, Turkey’s lira plunged to new lows against the dollar as coalition talks between prime minister and AK Party leader Ahmet Davutoglu and nationalist MHP leader Devlet Bahceli broke down. The result, AKP won’t be able to form a coalition government after elections in June saw the party lose […]

Shock And Awe From Turkey Which Hikes Overnight Rate By 4.25% To 12%, Blows Away Expectations

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Tyler Durden on 01/28/2014 17:06 -0500 The much anticipated Turkey Central Bank Decision is out and it is a stunner: TURKEY’S CENTRAL BANK RAISES OVERNIGHT LENDING RATE TO 12.00% – this is the key rate, and it was at 7.75% […]

Turkish Lira Crumbles To New Record Low As Erdogan Blames Fed Not Politics

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Tyler Durden / 01/21/2014 10:55 -0500 “It is wrong to link [the Turkish Lira’s] fall to the corruption probe,” blasted Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan, explaining that the Lira’s fall “is linked to the Federal Reserve’s actions.” Since the taper was announced the Lira has […]

Warren Edward Pollock: Max Keiser’s Silver Take Away

I take away an important perspective on Silver from Max Keiser which I did not consider previously. I contrast and find synergies between buying silver as the expression of free speech within the context of corporate fascism and oligarchy. I mention the fact that employees in corporations do not have free speech and that posit would natural flow into the broader context of corporate fascism. As a working example I cite a youtube video with 3000000 hits geting taken down because it rubs the educational industrial complex the wrong way. Perhaps vested interests view silver as having dangerous symbolism as illustrated by the finding that NORFED silver was, according to the court, counterfeit currency. What is the integrity of NORFED $20 coins that now have $32 in spot metal value? The so called Freedom Tower also represents an important symbol. It was nice to hear that Joe the Silver Futurist agreed with me regarding the importance of the Freedom Tower. On another note Spain continues to destabilize. Max did mention that I seem to have ruffled the feathers of Gonzalo Lira, I explained that first the guy totally discounts my concerns regarding a bank holiday, then he refuses to debate me, and worst yet he reverses his position on a dime by suggesting a Bank Holiday might occur in Spain. Talk about duplicity.

I called Lira on his Flip Flop by "Suggesting he Stick to Film."
When I was on the Max Keiser Report I suggested that the potential existed for a "Bank Holiday" in parts of the Eurozone. In the follow on episode, Gonzalo Lira discounted what I had to say as being outright impossible and ridiculous.

Based on this difference of opinion I challenged Lira to a debate in hopes he could support his position in either fact, history, or logic. Instead of taking up my challenge he was concerned that I had "not pronounced his name correctly" (and with the respect it affords). This does not sound like a person who has confidence in his ideas.

Alas, In quickly-ridiculous fashion, Lira seems to have reversed himself. Lira alluded to a potential bank holiday scenario for Spain! His most recent article being entitled "Will There Be A Corralito in Spain! How Spain Could Exit the Eurozone!" I called Lira on his Flip Flop by "Suggesting he Stick to Film," his previous vocation.

Using Argentina as an example Lira noted that, "The devaluation was at first a "mere" 40%—but shortly thereafter the Argentine peso was allowed to float: And it dropped to a rate of four to one against the dollar. Literally millions of people lost their life-savings in one fell swoop. The local equity market tanked catastrophically, as did the local bond markets. People on a fixed income also got clobbered, as their pensions lost their purchasing power by 40% overnight—and then eventually by 75%. Chaos ensued."

What he describes, sounds like a bank holiday to me! In fact, its the very concept he readily discounted.

To build knowledge, I am always looking for ideas that counter my own perceptions. I look to posit positions grounded in fact and logic so that the ideas I put forward will have predictive-staying power, or will help people think critically. Against the grain of marketing, sometimes the ideas which are the least palatable are in fact the most predictive.

To his credit, Lira has directed a single independent film and authored a single spy-novel. Having tried those vocations, he now seeks to sell "this crisis" via his "analysis of future Black Swan Events" using the motto, "Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste." I am not in favor of people selling defective products simply because they have mass marketing appeal.

Warren Edward Pollock: No 1979 Redux! – 1971 & Gold, Steel, Oil, Labor, Empire, Breakdown

I mention the fact that i have challenged Gonzalo Lira to a debate (moderated or agenda based) via an email invitation.. Lira has outlined simplistically-incorrect theories based on a flawed understanding of the US Post WWII chronology.. He assembl…

Warren Edward Pollock: Gonzalo – You have Been Served

A bank holiday would not be strategic thereby raising red flags, it would be reactive. Frozen credit, a shortage of collateral, too much leverage, too many derivatives going bad, and an unproductive economy means that only a fraction of savings is ava…