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In Critical Test Of Tax Reform Bill, Senate Narrowly Approves Motion To Start Debate With 52-48 Vote

Update (5:55PM EST): After a full day of debating the GOP tax reform bill, the Senate has now approved a motion to…drum roll please…debate the GOP tax reform bill.  As we detailed below, this was the first big test for the GOP’s tax bill before the entire Senate and it narrowly passed with a vote […]

Trump Calls For “Immediate” Repeal Of Obamacare If Senate Deal Fails

Instead of lashing out at various media personalities on Twitter this morning, President Trump has instead pivoted to Healthcare Law, and in an early morning tweet has endorsed a strategy for replacing Obamacare may resonate with conservatives like Kentucky’s Rand Paul: Repeal now, replace later.  Trump tweeted: "If Republican Senators are unable to pass what […]

An EMP Attack Is Scary, But It Could Be Nothing More Than Alarmist Propaganda

In a recent hearing of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski put the recent EMP attack hysteria into perspective when she said, “The United States has recognized a potential EMP attack as a national security threat for decades, and our efforts to understand a potential EMP burst are not new.” An […]