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High Level Banker Plunges Out the Window: “No Specific Reason Why… He Was Depressed”

At this time, we can only speculate what was weighing upon banker Kevin Bell before he jumped. Short of a note, or any direct evidence, the powers that be have determined he was simply depressed. It may also be, that the closer we all come to a set of devastating events that will wipe out […]

The “Dead List”: Who The Secret Government Plans to Target Next

Justice Scalia is just the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths that have taken place during the Obama Administration, and virtually everyone is raising questions about the suspicious details surrounding his death, including the lack of autopsy or official investigation into the possible causes of death. The motive is simple: subversion of the laws […]

CPS Secretly Flags Massive List of Parents As “Child Abusers” / by Peak Crackers Contributor / Saturday, March 22, 2014 4:03 So you still don’t think the state wants control over you and your children? How’s this for an answer….(M.PC) Michigan CPS has gigantic secret list of parents labeled “child abusers” without due process In Michigan, it takes more due process to turn off […]

The Most Serious Political And Economic Situation The West Has Ever Faced / by Jim Sinclair / June 12, 2012, at 3:52 pm Jim, While there has been much discussion about China remaining on the Iran oil sanctions list while seven other countries have been taken off, I believe Japan and the PIIGS still remain on the list. I believe Iran is still providing very generous […]