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WiFi Device Can See Through Walls: “Track a Human by Using Body as an Antenna Array”

As if things weren’t creepy enough already. A new application of WiFi could take surveillance to the next level. WiFi already makes a perfectly good tracking device – government and law enforcement agencies already collect location data from phones and computers – but ultimately, its accuracy is weak. Now, MIT tech geeks have found a […]

The Done Deal

Finance continues to “blow up in a nest of legalized fraud” with low rates and “LIBOR price fixing” being used to sustain malfeasance in a lawful destruction of justice (see North Korea). This scam rigging is directing capital away from the productive..into the fatality of a poisoned system.. But this crisis does not stop with […]

The Realities Of Choosing Your Survival Retreat Location / by Brandon Smith / June 1, 2012 Unfortunately, having a ‘Plan B’ just isn’t the modern American way.  The great and diabolical misfortune of having two to three solid generations of assumed prosperity in one’s culture is the side-effect it has of lulling the populace into comfortable apathy.  “Prepping” becomes a kind of […]

Ron Paul is WINNING!

Despite getting almost no coverage of his debates, political moves, speeches, campaign, record setting donation numbers, and grassroots support not seen in decades, Ron Paul is leading in every poll being released, and only steadily increasing while the other candidates spike and crash. The vote is days away! Get your information from alternative media sources, […]