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It’s A Wonderful Life Is A Wonderful Lesson To Hold Gold Outside of The Banking System

It’s A Wonderful Life Is A Wonderful Lesson To Hold Gold Outside of The Banking System – Christmas film serves as reminder that savings are not guaranteed protection by banks– Savers are today more exposed to banking risks than ever before– Gold and silver investment reduce exposure to counterparty risks seen in financial system– Basket […]

Apple Announces $1 Billion Fund For U.S. Manufacturing Jobs – Is $230 Billion Repatriation Deal Next?

Yesterday in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Apple ($AAPL) CEO Tim Cook said the tech giant would be devoting $1 billion to promote “advanced manufacturing” jobs in the United States. “We’re announcing it today. So you’re the first person I’m telling,” Cook told “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer on Wednesday. “Well, not the first person because we’ve talked to […]

Jim Cramer is Out With His Latest Prescient Market Call

View archives at Trader Scott’s Market Blog:   James J. “Jim” Cramer, the noted stock market seer, is out with another market call. JJJC has become famous for his prescience and timing. He is truly the Nostradamus of our time. So when JJ makes one of his eagerly awaited stock market pronouncements, we must all […]

Carrier & The Broken Window Narrative

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, “Trump saves jobs in Indiana before even being President. This is how you make ‘America Great Again.”  Between promises to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, reduce regulatory burdens and penalize companies who leave the U.S., markets, economists and analysts are all trying to figure out what it […]

Stockman Slams “The Fed’s Sick Wall Street Puppies”

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Whatever is going on in the daily stock market, you can’t call it “price discovery” or even remotely rational. In fact, it amounts to grinding in harms’ way, and measures the degree to which the Fed and other central banks have turned the Wall Street casino into […]

The Interests Of A Government In Debt Are Not Aligned With The People

Authored by Axel Merk via Merk Investments, Since the beginning of the year, the greenback has shown it's not almighty after all; and gold – the barbarous relic as some have called it – may be en vogue again? Where are we going from here and what are the implications for investors? Like everything else, […]

Institutionalized Lying – Why Central Bankers Never See Bubbles

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Every day there is more confirmation that the casino is an exceedingly dangerous place and that exposure to the stock, bond and related markets is to be avoided at all hazards. In essence the whole shebang is based on institutionalized lying, meaning that prouncements of central bankers, […]

The Tragedy Of America’s Bull Market Culture

Submtted by C.Jay Engel via The Austrian View blog, “Like champagne, bull markets remove inhibitions.” –James Grant My readings over the last several weeks have consisted primarily of David Stockman and Jim Grant– two sane voices in the insane financial world. Each have contributed wondrous thoughts and reflections on the nature of 21st century finance, […]

Chipotl-E.coli Slides Below $500 As JPM Has Had Enough, Downgrades To Neutral On “Negative News Flow”

For weeks in a row, every new instance of an E.coli outbreak at Chipotle was taken by the BTFD crowd as an opportunity to, well, BTF-E.Coli, and as a result sharp intraday drops on recurring disease outbreak headlines led to prompt recoveries in CMG’s price. However, this may no longer be the case: following yesterday’s […]

Should People Be Allowed To Work For $1 An Hour?

Submitted by Jonathan Newman via The Mises Institute, What is the least you would be willing to be paid to verify business addresses or phone numbers for a database? If you had a large online inventory and wanted simple word tags to describe each one of your products for search engine optimization, how much would […]