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A “Mysterious Antenna” Emerges In An Empty Chicago Field; Billions Depend On It

Readers are familiar with the various microwave and laser arrays located at the real New York Stock Exchange in Mahwah, New Jersey, both of which we have written about in the past. Microwave tower located next to the NYSE in Mahwah, NJ. This article, however, is not about the familiar antennas off Route 17 in […]

Want To Boost Market Liquidity? Just Let It Rain… No Really

Last December, when we alerted readers to the shift in the “laser” tower at the “New York” Stock Exchange located in Mahwah, NJ…   … we wondered, rhetorically, “what would happen if one flies, say, a drone in front of one or all of those lasers during, say, peak market hours or, heaven forbid, just […]

ZeroHedge: Inside The Most Important Building For U.S. Capital Markets, Where Trillions Trade Each Day

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Ask people which is the most important structure that keeps the US capital markets humming day after day, and most will likely erroneously say the New York Stock Exchange, which however over the past decade has transformed from its historic […]

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange: Towers With Frickin’ Laserbeams Attached To Their Heads

Back in March, when looking at the main antenna array at the real “New York” Stock Exchange located off Route 17 and MacArthur Boulevard in Mahwah, New Jersey, we noticed something peculiar: instead of just housing various now traditional microwave dishes…   … a new device had quietly appeared.   The “device”, as Extremetech explained […]

Chinado 2.0: Dollar Pump, Stocks Slump, Copper & Silver Dump

Manic Monday to Tempestuous Tuesday… Overheard from an algo somewhere deep in Mahwah…   Are you not entertained?   It all started in China again… (exactly as it did last Tuesday Manic Monday Becomes Turmoil Tuesday As China Rocks The Global Boat)   But in the US, what goes up on vapid volume, must come […]

The HFT “Treasure Map” – Presenting The Rigged Stock Market’s Full “Latency Abritrage” In One Chart

Last week, when poring through the SEC’s complaint over ITG’s criminal frontrunning of client order flow in a “experiment” prop trading group within its Posit dark pool known as “Project Omega”, we clearly laid out the “criminal fraud” that allowed the original dark pool to make money without any risk, and explained why HFT’s never […]

NYSE Issues Official Explanation Why Its Was Offline For Nearly 4 Hours, Blames Software Upgrade

Moments ago the NYSE released its explanation why its was offline for nearly 3.5 hours. Here is the official narrative: On Tuesday evening, the NYSE began the rollout of a software release in preparation for the July 11 industry test of the upcoming SIP timestamp requirement. As is standard NYSE practice, the initial release was […]

Meanwhile, Over At The Real New York Stock Exchange

Ignore the constant commotion at the TV studio in downtown Manhattan which once was the New York Stock Exchange (currently owned by the ICE) and is now mostly packed with actors, cheerleaders, set designers and producers, and focus on the real exchange located some 40 miles away in Mahwah, NJ (which for a few months […]

Despite Broken Stock Market, Strong 10 Year Treasury Auction Prices Without A Glitch

The US stock market may be in shambles and the Mahwah Stock Exchange is offline for nearly 2 hours now, but that had no impact on demand for US paper, in fact moments ago the US Treasury just sold $21 billion in 10 Year paper without a single hitch. With a When Issued of 2.233%, […]

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange… Lasers

The last time we looked at the most important tower in the world, about 4 months ago, it looked as follows:   The tower in question is the primary microwave relay into the ill-named “New York” Stock Exchange which actually is located just off MacArthur Boulevard and Route 17 in Mahwah, New Jersey, and in […]