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Emmanuel Macron Elected Youngest Ever President Of France With 65% Of The Vote

Update: As Emmanuel Macron arrived in the courtyard of Paris’s Louvre museum to deliver his victory speech to thousands of supporters, the European Union’s anthem “Ode to Joy” played in the background. “Tonight, France won,” he said to rapturous crowds, adding that “Europe and the world are watching us.” Macron said, cited by the Telegraph, […]

Sometimes It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Hold your real assets outside of the banking system in one of many private international facilities  –>          Sometimes It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good Posted with permission and written by John Rubino (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)       In 2015 there was no way the UK would vote to leave the European […]

French First Round Socialist Primary Winner Proposes Tax on Robots, Universal Income, Right of Foreigners to Vote / Mike “Mish” Shedlock /  January 22, 2017 France24 reports Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls take top spots in first round of left-wing primary in a field of seven candidates. Let’s take a look at other reports, then we will look at Hamon’s amazing platform. Bloomberg notes Valls, Hamon Qualify for French Socialist Primary Run-Off. […]

“There Will Be More Attacks” French PM Warns 15,000 Being Radicalized / by Tyler Durden / Sep 11, 2016 1:05 PM With anti-EU right-wing Front National leader Le Pen surging in the polls, French PM Manuel Valls appears to be taking a populist shift to more radically right also. During a TV interview this weekend, Valls said there were at least 15,000 people “on the radar of police […]

French Prime Minister warns France could face chemical attack / November 19, 2015 November 2015 – FRANCE – French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday warned that France could face chemical or biological terror attacks, as Belgian security forces launched six raids in Brussels in connection with last week’s deadly assaults in Paris. Valls was speaking in parliament to urge a three-month extension to […]

Emergency plan agreed on by EU ministers: every traveler entering Europe checked against terror watch-lists / November 21, 2015 November 2015 – EUROPE – Every traveler coming into Europe will have their name checked against anti-terror watch lists, under a plan to be agreed by ministers today. Border guards will scan all passports using computers to compare their details with those kept on wanted persons and suspected terrorists. At the […]