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Goldman: The Fed Will Hike This Week, But Here Are “The Two Most Interesting Questions”

On Wedensday the FOMC will hike rates by another 25 bps – an event which the Fed Funds market prices in with near virtual certainty, while Goldman calls the rate increase “extremely likely” – and only a “tail” event like an extremely weak CPI report on Wednesday morning, hours ahead of the Fed announcement, has […]

FOMC Preview: Here Are The Possible Surprises In Today’s Statement

Today’s FOMC announcement at 2:00pm is expected to be mostly a non-event, and the only incremental information will be what is contained in the updated statement, which comes one month ahead of the Fed’s next expected rate hike in June. There will be no press conference and no update to the summary of economic projections. […]

Global Stocks Dip On Poor US Auto Sales, Apple Miss; Fed Decision On Deck

European, Asian stocks and S&P futures all fall as investors digested poor overnight news on Apple earnings and U.S. car sales, while the dollar rose in muted trading as investors contemplated chances of another rate hike next month ahead of today’s Federal Reserve statement. Europe’s Stoxx 600 fell from a 20 month high as traders […]

Morgan Stanley Finds A “Stunning Divergence” In The Economic Data

Since we first highlighted the data, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the post-election divergence between the so-called soft (sentiment) data in the US, and the hard (quantifiable) data. Morgan Stanley's chief equity and rates strategists note "the divergence is stunning."   Upside surprises appear to be completely driven by the […]

Is The Fed Trying to Stop A “Market” That Has Gotten Ahead of Itself?

A few years ago, you were laughed at for calling the stock market a bubble. Now everyone, even the financial mainstream media is calling it a bubble and continuing to openly promote it. A few years ago, you were laughed at for saying that the monetary policy experiments that the Fed and every other central […]

China Responds To Fed Jawboning March “Live” – Weakens Yuan, Spikes Money Market Rates

After a week of jawboning markets into believing that the March FOMC meeting is now "live", it appears China has decided to send a little message.   After weakening the fix by the most since Jan 9th, Chinese money market rates are soaring (1 week CNH HIBOR up 303bps) despite notable liquidity injections…   Of […]

Goldman Raises March Rate Hike Odds After January Inflation Spike

For those who said a March rate hike looks increasingly likely after today’s blistering CPI report, which saw inflation printing at the highest in nearly 5 years, you are not alone: moments ago Goldman’s chief economist agreed that the “firm CPI may bring forward next rate increase”, and said “as a result, we have revised […]

Goldman Raises March Rate Hike Odds, Sees “Strong Support For Near-Term Policy Action”

With “Goldman Guys” forming the core support pillar of Donald Trump’s economic and financial advisory team, it is easy to forget that Goldman is also the one bank whose alumni also dominate not only the Fed, but all other central banks, and as such its take on Fed prepared remarks is probably the most notable […]

What Keeps Goldman Up At Night About 2017

With 2016 still fresh in most investors’ minds, and questions about 2017 pressing, here is a summary, courtesy of Goldman’s Allison Nathan, of where Goldman believes we closed out 2016, what is in store in the coming year, and ultimately, “what keeps Goldman up at night” about 2017. 2016, and a peek at 2017 2016 […]

ZeroHedge: Fed Removes “Global Risk” Alert But Keeps Monitoring “Global Economic And Financial Developments” – Full Statement Redline

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Since Yellow-Yellen's March dovefest, stocks have rallied, China has stabilized, and while economic data has been weak in general – jobs and inflation (which is what The Fed claims to care about) have been positive. So how does The Fed […]