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Something is Very Wrong with MSNBC

MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media have literally been talking about the same thing for almost a year now…

Numb and Dumb / By Bill Holter / September 3rd, 2013 Have you noticed that over the years how people have gotten more “stupid” year in and year out?  I remember getting an e-mail with an 8th grade final exam from the turn of the century (1900), you may have gotten the same one.  The test was pretty hard, […]

Video: Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition To Add Carcinogens To The Water Supply / By Thomas Dishaw / August 19, 2013 (Thomas Dishaw) Mark Dice continues his groundbreaking Man On The Street series by asking Obamacare supporters to sign a petition adding carcinogens to the water supply (cancer causing chemicals). READ MORE

Obamacare Zombies Sign Petition To Murder Babies, Supporting Infanticide / By Thomas Dishaw / August 12, 2013  (Thomas Dishaw) Mark Dice continues his breathtaking series of man on the street videos, in this episode Mark asks citizens to support “infanticide”  giving the parents the right to murder their young children in the name of Obamacare. Yes, infanticide is a real term with supporters […]

4th of July, Should We Laugh Or Cry? / By John Rubino / July 1, 2023 Film maker Mark Dice has been having some fun lately at Americans’ expense by wandering around with a camera and microphone, asking people questions that the typical high school freshman would know – if they lived in a country that had its act together. Here’s a […]

Occupy Bohemian Grove: Secret 1% getaway revealed

In the US, Occupy protesters have descended on a quiet California redwood retreat – where some of the world’s elite gather every year. Demonstrators say the two weeks, officially portrayed as a time of rest and relaxation, is really a chance to discuss plans for the world’s future. RT’s Abby Martin at Bohemian Grove to […]