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Cometh The Hour, Cometh An Insane Cash-Hating Fed Governor – Nobody’s “Goodfriend” / by Tyler Durden / Dec 6, 2017  Marvin Goodfriend is not a Fed governor yet, but it’s likely asking far too much to expect US lawmakers to block President Trump’s nomination. Unfortunately for the American citizenry, Goodfriend (not) has all the establishment credentials which will likely see the nomination rubber-stamped: economic advisor to the White House […]

Flynn, Tax Reform, and Gold / ARKADIUSZ SIEROŃ / DECEMBER 5, 2017 On Saturday, the U.S. Senate passed a tax-reform bill. What does it imply for the gold market? The last weekend was a turbulent period for the gold market. On Friday, Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, was charged and pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents. It means that […]

Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin / by Jeff Berwick / December 5, 2017 If you were to tell me that central banks, governments, and Keynesian economists were in an uproar and hated something, I would put my finger to your lips and say, “Shhhh, you don’t even have to tell me what it is. Whatever it is, I love it.” In […]

Bitcoin Hits New All Time High After Burst Of Asian Buying: Market Cap Nears $200 Billion / by Tyler Durden / Dec 3, 2017 Whether it was the previously discussed unexpectedly bullish JPM report (which calculated that a mere $6bn in net capital inflows has pushed the crypto market cap to $330 billion), or just the latest unexplained burst of buying out of Asia with another weekend surge in volumes out of Japan and […]

Brandon White: Where does the Bank of Canada stand on gold as an asset? / CHRIS POWELL / December 2, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The investment world has gone mad, Brandon White of Bullion Management Group in Markham, Ontario, says in his weekly video, “This Week in Three Minutes,” noting extreme valuations in equity markets and bitcoin and the strange disappearance of market corrections. White says he […]

Frustrated Investors File Lawsuits Against World’s Largest ICO / by Tyler Durden / Dec 2, 2017 Here’s the latest sign that the massively fraudulent ICO market is headed for a collapse. Tezos’s investors are still waiting to learn when they can expect to receive the digital tokens that they paid a premium for during the company’s record-setting crowdsale. But as reports of abuse, internal strife […]

As Australia’s Housing Bubble Bursts, Optimism For The Year Ahead Crashes To Record Low / by Tyler Durden / Nov 28, 2017 Zero Hedge readers might have noted our increasingly bearish tone on all things Australian – economic that is, since the cricket team just whipped the English in the first test match in Brisbane. The focal point of our concern is the housing market and, earlier this month, we discussed how the world’s […]

Central bankers fear cryptos could cost them control of the world / By Francesco Canepa / Monday, November 27, 2017 FRANKFURT, Germany — Central bankers say the success of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is just a bubble. But it keeps them awake at night because these private currencies threaten their control of the banking system and money supply, which could undermine the monetary policies they use to […]

Government Didn’t Save Us From Apple’s iPhone “Monopoly” / Ariel Lighterman / November 22, 2017 In 2007 Apple Inc made a move that changed the whole High-Tech world when it launched the first iPhone. The iPhone easily dethroned Nokia, and became the first smartphone that appealed to technophiles, businessmen, and everyday consumers. Apple generated exceedingly high profits from the iPhone’s success. According to […]

How to Trade a Vertical Market / by Martin Armstrong / Nov 21, 2017  One of the most difficult, yet potentially rewarding, trading opportunities to unfold is the vertical market. This special report examines the two different types of vertical markets (Phase Transitions and Plateau Moves) and discusses how to differentiate and successfully trade each one respectfully. This report will clearly show […]