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James Howard Kunstler: The Coming Economy Of “Less”

This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at PeakProsperity Author and commentator James Howard Kunstler returns as our podcast guest this week for an update on where we are in The Long Emergency timeline. In this wide-raging discussion ranging from the pervasiveness of propaganda in today’s media to the risk of nuclear war, Kunstler also re-news […]

Inflation Markets Just Flashed Recession-Red-Flag For The First Time Since 2008

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Amid all the talk of wage growth and surveys suggesting input and output prices are soaring, the market for ‘inflation expectations’ is suddenly flashing a recessionary red flag not seen since July 2008. The last few months have seen short-term (5Y) inflation expectations in the […]

Psychic Makes 2018 Predictions: ‘North Korea Will Succeed In Sending A Missile’

Self-described psychic Susan Rowlen released a video detailing her predictions for the coming year. One of her most alarming predictions is that she says North Korea will succeed in sending a missile to the US at some point in the coming year. But don’t fret just yet. Within the first 30 seconds of Rowlen’s video, she admits […]

Asian Stocks Slide On iPhone X Demand Fears; US Futures Flat In Thin Holiday Trading / by Tyler Durden / Dec 26, 2017 For the second day in a row, most Asian markets – at least the ones that are open – were dragged lower by tech stocks and Apple suppliers, with the MSCI Asia Pacific Index down 0.2% led by Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in response to the previously […]

Seller Of Luxury Miami Condo Demands To Be Paid Exclusively In Bitcoin

It begins: Miami condo on sale for 33 bitcoins – seller won't accept any other currency. First time that's happened in U.S., per Redfin — Mike Rosenberg (@ByRosenberg) December 13, 2017 / by Tyler Durden / Dec 13, 2017 And they said bitcoin would never work as a currency. While that might be true for […]

13/12/17: Why cryptos might not prevail? Because of their supporters… / by Constantin Gurdgiev / Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Why cryptos might not prevail? Because of this: *** Or, put differently, because the entire hype around cryptocurrencies, and increasing also blockchain technology, is based on myths. Let’s tackle the above, shall we? Are cryptos a liquid market? No. In fact, the markets are illiquid (see here: […]

Powell’s Hearing and Gold / ARKADIUSZ SIEROŃ / DECEMBER 1, 2017 On Tuesday, Powell testified before the U.S. Congress. What do his remarks mean for the gold market? Yesterday, we wrote about Yellen’s last testimony before the Joint Economic Committee. Her remarks were very interesting, but – sorry, Janet – she is no longer the most important person at the Fed. Surely, she […]

My Crazy $17,000 Target for Bitcoin Is Looking Less Crazy / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2017 The basis of this admittedly crazy forecast was simple: capital flows. Unknowns and big swings up and down are characteristics of open markets.It’s impossible to forecast bitcoin’s future price because virtually all the future inputs are unknown.I think we can all agree that bitcoin (BTC) is “interesting.” One […]

Money and Markets Infographic Shows Silver Most Undervalued Asset / By Mark O’Byrne / November 20, 2017 Money and Markets Infographic Shows Silver Most Undervalued Asset – Silver remains severely under owned and under valued asset – Entire silver market worth tiny $100 billion shown in one tiny square – “All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization” – Must see ‘Money and […]

The Week of Digestion / by Marc Chandler / November 5, 2017 The week ahead does not have nearly the event risk of last week.  It is difficult to compete with a BOE rate hike that spurred the largest sterling decline in five months, the nomination of a new Fed chair, and the unveiling of the initial tax reform […]