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OUTBREAK ALERT: Indonesia To Mass Vaccinate In Order To Contain Diphtheria

Indonesia is seeing an outbreak of diphtheria which is scaring civilians and government officials alike.  The disease continues to spread as officials desperately work to contain the bacteria before it becomes a pandemic. The bacteria that causes diphtheria ravages the human body. It causes a thick covering in the back of the throat and it has […]

Agenda 2030 Translator: How to Read the UN’s New Sustainable Development Goals / Truthstream Media / September 25th, 2015 It’s that time again: the United Nations is officially releasing the all newAgenda 2030 sustainable development plan, or what some have hailed as “the new Agenda 21 on steroids,” at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit kicking off today in New York City. Since these supposedly non-binding international […]