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U.S. Education Continues to Decline in Global Ranks: “Kids Keep Getting Dumber”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: There is a reason this continues to happen. It isn’t by accident. The “dumbest” kids by the standards of a few decades ago were still overall much more competent to face the real world than even many of the “brightest” […]

Spreadsheet Tutorial – Calculating Length Volatility

Calculating duration within’ five percent moves. DATA LINK (Silver Hourly from 2007) Open Office Calc spreadsheet used

Silver Chart Update 06.06.2012

Silver Bullion Update

Spreadsheet Tutorial – Finding # of times Price holds

Spreadsheet Tutorial

If you request data for charts, send message to my channel and I can let you know where to get the data or for the few data points I have that is not easily accessible I can email them to you. On FreeStockCharts you can get data …

Gold Fibonacci Analysis (04.07.2012)

Technical Analysis on Gold

Silver Update and Basic Money Creation (03.07.2012)

money creation

Week Ending 02.10.2012 Silver (part 1/3)

Not sure how many parts there will be. Many markets are showing interesting correlations and because of this, I am not sure yet what will appear most likely in parts two and three as many markets are at significant fibonacci marks. Next parts will be…

Precious Metals Technical Analysis (01.29.2012)

No Subject