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JPMorgan Lists Five “Red Flags” That Point To A 10% Downside Correction

The first time JPMorgan warned of market downside was in early March when the bank’s US equity strategist Dubravko Lakos-Bujas wrote that while the fundamental backdrop remains supporting, the “short-term downside risk” in the S&P is increasing. Less than two months later, JPM presented six “red flags” why it is starting to sell stocks. Then, […]

Everyone’s Bullish: Barron’s Best Guessers Say Buy Banks, Sell Staples In 2017

Two years ago, as part of its one-year forward forecast issue, the ten “experts” polled by Barron’s in its one year forward forecast, predicted that the S&P would close 2015 an average of 2210, roughly 7% higher then the final print of 2014, which was at 2,058.9. Alas, their enthusiasm proved overoptimistic, and the market […]

Comey Saves The World – Stocks Soar Most In 8 Months

Thank you Mr.Comey for saving the world…   9 Days Down, 1 day Up!! VIX ended around 19… not exactly reflecting stock confidence   A panic bid into the close (not helped by VIX this time)…   Enabled The Dow (only) to erase its losses post Comey's original Weiner laptop comment…   Post-Weiner – Gold […]

Crude ‘Crashes’ Up To Bull Market, Dollar Dumps To Brexit Lows

You have to laugh sometimes…   US Macro data continues to disappoint after its record run…   Post-payrolls gold is the winner (usd the loser)…   Stocks ended higher on the day with Small Caps best – all melting up into the close…   S&P and Dow hovered around unch on the week…  

Dow, S&P, Nasdaq Surge To Simultaneous Record Highs For First Time Since Dec 31 1999

Another day, another squeeze to record highs…   This was first time the S&P, Nasdaq, and Dow closed at record highs together since 1999…WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??   On the one-year anniversary of China's big devaluation, PBOC actually strengthened Yuan by the most in 4 months this week… It appears the 'stability' in Yuan strengthening was […]

S&P To Open At New Record High As Commodities Rise, China Trade Disappoints

The meltup continues with the S&P500 set to open at new all time highs as futures rise 0.2% overnight, with European, Asian stocks higher, as job data pushed MSCI Asia Pacific Index towards highest close since Aug. 2015. Germany, U.K. economic data seen positive, with dollar, oil rising, and gold declining. Global equities advanced with […]

Get Back To Work Kuroda-San

Today’s quizzical meltup brought to you by the number ‘106’ and the words “Bank of Japan.”     Because… fun-durr-mentals

Precious Metal Pandemonium – Silver Spikes Limit-Up, Gold Surges As China FX Basket Hits Record Low

Update: Silver just exploded above $21 – up almost 8% – its biggest single day surge since September 2013. Silver is limit up on SHFE as Gold is also surging back towards Brexit highs near $1360… China's CFETS Renminbi basket just hit a record low.. All of this is happening as China's currency collapses to […]

ZeroHedge: ‘Traders’ Panic-Buy Illiquid Markets Into Brexit Vote Close

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Judging by markets, it's not a cliffhanger… In fact, for stocks, it's inconceivable that The Brits vote Brexit…   But not every asset class is so excited… here's where assets have gone this year… it seems bonds and bullion remain […]

ZeroHedge: Hedges Soar, Markets Snore As Traders Brace For Big Brexit Day

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Some nostalgia… "some poeple are on the pitch, they think [Brexit]'s all over… it is now!!" Although we suspect, by this time tomorrow, the sounds from trading floors around the world may be more like this…   Polls point to […]