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“It’s A Nightmare” – Chinese Bureaucrats Are Killing The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The marketing brass at L Brands are probably starting to regret their decision to hold this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show – expected to have the largest audience in the show's history – in Shanghai. As the New York Post reports, the fashion show, which takes place in two weeks and will feature  Adriana Lima, […]

Auto OEMs Plan To Flood Market With New Electric Car Models Despite Massive Losses

Last month we noted that Tesla really outdid itself in 2Q 2017 by posting a record cash burn of $1.2 billion, or roughly $13 million every single day.  Per the chart below, Tesla's Q2 cash burn was just a continuation of the company's money-losing trend that goes back at least 6 years and seems to […]

Frontrunning: July 25

Dollar slumps to 13-month lows before Fed; euro up (Reuters) Overwhelming approval likely for Russia bill (Reuters) Trump to study tougher Russia sanctions bill: White House (Reuters) Unrest bubbles among Trump’s key foreign policy aides (Reuters) Abe Overtaken by Rival as Top Choice for Japan Premier in Poll (BBG) More U.S. Cars Are Made in […]

Bacon Boom Busts

Great news America – After soaring to the highest price in three years, wholesale prices for pork bellies, the cut used for making bacon, are heading for a 25% loss over two weeks. As Bloomberg notes, increased demand had more than doubled prices since August, but now bellies are so expensive that the high costs […]

Uber Launches “Self-Driving” Cars In San Francisco Without DMV Approval

Starting Wednesday, Uber is expanding its tests of self-driving vehicles to San Francisco allowing the public to ride in autonomous Volvos. Test drivers will be present in the SUVs in case a human needs to intervene. Tests will be limited to downtown San Francisco in about two dozen Volvos. What is surprising about Uber’s decision […]

Billionaire Capital Turns Into Ghost Town: “Home Contracts Down 80%”, Trophy-Cars Pile Up In Showrooms

It used to be that a quick walk around downtown Greenwich could pass for an exotic car show but those days seem to be coming to an end as hedge fund returns have suffered and, as one jewelry store owner points out, “one doesn’t want to become the next episode of ‘Billions.’”    As recently […]

Yen Soars, Stocks Slide After Kuroda Says “No Need Or Possibility For Helicopter Money”

The main catalyst that has pushed stocks to new all time highs, and sent the Yen plunging the most in the 21st century last week, were reports that Ben Bernanke was urging Japan to unleash helicopter money. Indeed, just yesterday, the USDJPY hit new two month highs on reports Japan was considering doubling the previously […]

ZeroHedge: “My Daddy’s Rich And My Lamborghini’s Good-Looking”: Meet The Rich Chinese Kids Of Vancouver

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. By now, the only people in the world who are not aware that Vancouver has been overrun by Chinese “hot money-parking” oligarchs, who rush to buy any and every available real estate leading to such grotesque charts as the following […]

ZeroHedge: Trump’s 1990 Playboy Interview: “We Are Being Laughed At Around The World…”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. While The Donald may come across as 'shooting from the hip', it appears based on this 1990 interview with Playboy that Trump has been thinking about the decline of America, the weakness and corruption of government, and the impact of […]

ZeroHedge: Frontrunning: March 29

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Headline of the day: Oil prices fall as investors’ faith in rally wanes (Reuters) Europe shares, dollar gain as investors look to Yellen (Reuters) Chinese Bidder for Starwood Has Mysterious Ownership Structure (WSJ) Germany wants refugees to integrate or lose […]