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Thank You

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email As this campaign ends, one of the saddest things for me is saying goodbye to the best team of volunteers in the entire state of Idaho. I cannot possibly thank all of you enough for all that you have done, and I wish that I could have produced a better […]

Vote Pro-Trump On May 15th – Election Day Is Tuesday, And President Trump Needs Everyone To Go Vote For Michael Snyder For Congress

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email If you live in Idaho’s first congressional district, President Trump desperately needs your support.  Tuesday is voting day, and it is being projected that only about 20 percent of all registered voters will actually go out and vote.  So that means if Trump voters turn out in very large numbers […]

‘What President Trump Really Needs Is Michael Snyder In Congress’

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email Do you want to elect someone that is going to go to Congress and support President Trump, or do you want someone that has a completely different agenda?  Pro-Trump conservatives all over Idaho’s first congressional district have recognized that I am the only true pro-Trump candidate running for Congress, and […]

30 Really Great Reasons To Vote For Michael Snyder For Congress

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email People want to feel really good about voting for someone when they go to the polls on election day, and that is why so many true conservatives are rallying around our campaign for Congress.  Our campaign represents a positive conservative vision for the future of America, and that is why […]

Senator Rand Paul Has Officially Endorsed Michael Snyder For Congress

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email The leading voice for liberty in the United States Senate, Rand Paul, has officially endorsed our campaign.  This is yet another game changing moment as our campaign continues to build momentum leading up to Election Day on May 15th.  If you don’t know where to vote on May 15th, you […]

Watch The Most Controversial Congressional Debate In Idaho History

Facebook Twitter Google+ It isn’t often that you get to see a seasoned politician completely melt down on live television.  On Sunday evening, the last debate for the candidates running for Congress in Idaho’s first congressional district was held, and it was certainly a wild one.  In the weeks leading up to the debate, voters […]

URGENT UPDATE: 30 Days To Go! We Have Nearly 50,000 Mailers To Send Out, But Not Enough Money To Do It

As I write this, there are just 30 days to go until May 15th, and it is becoming exceedingly clear that every single vote is going to count in this very tight race.  If you would like to help us turn Congress completely upside down and fight to restore our constitutional republic, we would greatly, […]

Our March 31st Federal Fundraising Deadline Is In 3 Days, And We Really Need A Miracle

There are just 48 days left until election day on May 15th, and my race for Congress is incredibly close.  This week I learned that our numbers have improved even more, and we are the only campaign with any significant momentum, but I cannot stress enough how tight things are at the moment.  As we […]

The Last Financial Deadline Before The Election Is In 11 Days And We Need Your Help

With just 56 days to go until election day, this race for Congress is still incredibly close right now.  Our numbers have been surging, but there are four candidates very closely grouped together, and the truth is that any of the four of us could potentially win this thing on May 15th.  We are incredibly […]

A Member Of Congress Explains Why The Corruption In Congress Is Much Worse Than You Think

What would you say if I told you that committee chairs were for sale in Congress?  And what would you say if I told you that many members of Congress spend far more time on the telephone raising money than on the jobs that the people of their states actually elected them to do?  There […]