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SHTFplan: Mainstream Media Outlet MSN Quietly Deletes Article Claiming Severe COVID Is Rare In The Unvaxxed

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. MSN, a mainstream media news website launched by vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates’s Microsoft in 1995 wrote an article stating that severe COVID is unlikely and even rare in those who have chosen to remain unvaccinated.  Not long after publishing it, it was quietly deleted. The outlet covered […]

AMAZON & MICROSOFT EMPLOYEES BUSTED IN SEX TRAFFICKING STING / TIM BROWN VIA FREEDOMOUTPOST.COM / DECEMBER 26, 2017  Ahhh, yes, the gatekeepers are being exposed, and it appears that this might just be in connection with President Donald Trump’s executive order and resignation of Eric Schmidt as executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Seattle employees of both Microsoft and Amazonwere busted after using their work accounts to engage women for sex who were […]

Just Five Tech Stocks Add Insane $200 Billion In Market Cap In One Day

The Nasdaq is dramatically outperforming the rest of the major US equity indices today…   In fact this this is the biggest Nasdaq outperformance of the S&P since May 2009… “We saw some weakness in the stocks of tech megacaps recently, not so much because of a concern about mediocre earnings but rather because a […]

Visualizing The Diversity Of The Tech Industry

With the recent leak of the “Google Manifesto” and the maelstrom of media backlash that followed, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes that it seems that concerns around diversity in the technology industry have finally reached a boiling point. Today’s infographic from Information is Beautiful breaks down the demographics of 23 major tech companies, based on statistics from […]

Nasdaq Triggers Market-Wide Circuit-Breaker As AMZN “Crashes” 87% After-Hours

Nasdaq has issued a market-wide trading halt amid what appears to be a "glitch" that sent a number of the largest Nasdaq-listed stocks to crash or spike to exactly $123.47 per share. This move crashed the value of companies including Amazon and Apple, sparked chaos in Microsoft, while sending Zynga rocketing up more than 3000%. […]

Putin Jabs NSA For Letting The Ransomware “Genies Out Of The Bottle” / by Tyler Durden / May 15, 2017 8:32 AM Following the worldwide “Wanna Cry” cyber attack that was launched last Friday and quickly spread to thousands of computers, Vladimir Putin took a jab at the NSA for authoring tools that “may harm their own authors and creators” should the “genies be let out of the bottle.”  […]

Google Market Cap Hits An All Time High $600 Billion

Even as the US “brick and mortar” retail industry is in a tailspin of historic proportions, its ad spending must be better than ever, because on Monday Google parent Alphabet closed up 2.3%, hitting a new record high, and as Bloomberg pointed out first, the company’s market value crossed above $600 billion for the first […]

Stock Prices Don`t Match The Fundamentals (Video)

By EconMatters   We discuss the run in the Financials, and other blue chip stocks that are overvalued relative to the fundamentals in this video. We also discuss the Market Correction that we see coming over the next 6-8 months in markets. This is as good as the QE game gets, cheap money going away […]

BILL GATES, ADMITTED EUGENICIST WARNS BIOTERRORISM COULD KILL 30 MILLION / by Christina Sarich via WAKING TIMES / FEBRUARY 24, 2017 It isn’t clear if Bill Gates was veiling a threat to help depopulate the planet by 30 million people, if he was simply scare-mongering, or warning of a true cataclysmic-level bioterrorism event, but at the recently held Munich Security Conference the man who has been kicked […]

Everyone Wants Something For Nothing (Video)

By EconMatters We discuss Politics, Markets (namely the financials) the Economy and Debt in this video. More signs everyone is loaded to the gills in debt right now, this is a reliable warning sign for the health of the economy going forward. © EconMatters All Rights Reserved | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Email […]