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SHTFplan: British Government Allegedly Sponsored War Propaganda Videos For Ukraine

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. The Russian Defense Ministry released what it claimed to be staged combat scenes filmed for propaganda use on behalf of the Ukrainian government and paid for by the British government on Friday. The video footage looks eerily similar to a war movie. According to a report by […]

SHTFplan: The Omnipresent Surveillance State: Orwell’s Future Is Our Present Reality

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Read John W. Whitehead’s entire commentary here, on The Rutherford Institute.  The Orwellian dystopia of thought control and an omnipresent surveillance state has become our reality.  George Orwell’s book 1984, although meant as fiction, has turned out to be an incredible prediction of our future. The “land […]

SHTFplan: A Clockwork Orange: Waiting for the Sun

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at Society should not do the wrong thing for the right reason, even though it frequently does the right thing for the wrong reason. History has shown us what happens when you try to make society too […]

The US Government Accidentally Released REMOTE MIND CONTROL Documents

As most know by now, conspiracy theories often become conspiracy facts.  The United States government’s counterterrorism center has accidentally released documents about the use remote mind control on the easily manipulated masses in a FOIA request. The Washington State Fusion Center, a government multi-agency counterterrorism center, accidentally released some documents that will puzzle and surprise […]

Insider Reveals How DARPA Will Control Our Minds: “If Even 20% Of This Is True…”

This article was written and originally published by The Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Comment: Things are so far gone, that we have no idea. People have virtually no sense of how deeply we are being steered off the path. Our very opinions, the information we receive, and the way in which our brains determine the strength […]

DARPA DEVELOPING MIND CONTROL AND MARK OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGIES / by Nathaniel Makau,WAKING TIMES / SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 Technology consultants to DARPA may claim the secretive Department of Defense only has innovation for the betterment of humanity in mind, but some of their most outlandish projects tell a different story. How do DARPA’s projects interact with each other and what does this truly mean for us […]

IS IT ALREADY TOO LATE TO CONSIDER THE ETHICS OF MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY? / By Nicholas West, ACTIVIST POST / SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 There seems to be a troubling uptick around “ethics” recently within scientific circles that are focusing on robotics, artificial intelligence, and brain research. I say troubling because embedded within the standard appeals for caution which should appear in science, there also seems to be […]

Mind control vs. freedom / by Jon Rappoport / September 13, 2016 Fingers pointed like a gun. A pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun. A toy gun. A screen shot of a gun. For several years now, all over America, schools have been exercising what they call zero tolerance policy to suspend young children packing “suggestions of […]

Mind control achieved through the “information flicker effect”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Jon Rappoport / June 20, 2016 I wrote this piece in 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. I re-post it now, because it equally applies to the Orlando shooting. No, I’m not talking about the flicker […]

SHTFplan: DARPA Creepiest Programs For Human Control: “How Dark Will Our Future Be?”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. How Dark Will Our Future Be? There’s every reason to suspect that the powers-that-be are writing us out of it. There are more dark projects and secret research grants than anyone can keep track of, but this list is a good start – and an indicator of […]