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Junior Mining Stocks: A New Bull Market On Steroids / Dave Kranzler / April 8, 2016 Apparently that imbecilic Goldman Sachs commodities analyst, Jeff Currie, was on CNBC’s Power Lunch urging viewers to short gold.  He’s been wrong since his initial $800 target on gold he set about 2 years ago.   In fact, using Currie as a contrarian indicator for buying gold has […]

New Bull Market For Mining Stocks? / Dave Kranzler / January 29, 2016 Concerning gold and noting that this is Friday, “they”…and we’ve no idea who “they” are, but we do indeed know that “they” exist… are out there again making mischief as they have tried to do so many times in the past. Fridays “They” wage war on gold.  – […]

The Real Estate Bust Part 2 (Plus A Resurgence In Mining Stocks) / DAVE KRANZLER / October 16, 2015 We’ve seen a big slowdown” said RE/MAX Unlimited realtor Ronda Courtney. “I have a listing that I’ve had to reduce twice in the past month…Sellers are starting to chase the market down,” said Anthony Rael, chairman of the market trends committee with the Denver Metro Association of Realtors. […]

Investing: Mining Stocks Versus Commodities

If you figure out the right mine, the right company, you could make a fortune. For me, it’s simple these days to buy the commodity itself, but if you find the right mine, you’ll make a lot more in the right mine than in the commodity. But the problem is, there’s hundreds of—no, thousands of […]

X-Ray Detectors Promise More Gold, Less Waste

Exciting new technology developed by Australian researchers uses high-powered x-rays, similar to those used for medical treatment, to find tiny particles of gold in ore samples. Once fully implemented, the new process could alleviate much of the gold currently discarded because it is too minute to find. It’s a technology whose value would increase exponentially […]

Mining Stocks vs. the General Stock Market / SEPTEMBER 10, 2013, 3:50 PM Yesterday, the S&P 500 Index closed higher for a fifth straight session, posting its best daily performance since the beginning of August, while all 10 S&P sectors ended higher. What factors had such a positive impact on the S&P 500 Index? Without a doubt, upbeat industrial and retail figures […]

Price Manipulation Won’t Stop Gold Bull, Hedge Fund Guru Say

Top hedge fund manager Eric Sprott is strong on gold. In a new research paper, he punctures the myth that gold’s heyday has passed. Price suppression has reached its limits, he argues, and the dynamics of a tight supply will inevitably drive the price of gold upwards. The nominal price of gold has fallen this […]

Are Stocks Cheap? / Tyler Durden / March 7, 2013, 11:35 -0500 Each and every day, we are bombarded by a never-ending series of asset-gatherers whose sole aim in life is to convince investors to put more money to work. Whether it is because ‘we are climbing a wall of worry’, whether ‘long-term’ equity investors always do well, […]

Silver Hyperinflation…The Demise of America

Abundant Rare Earths Could Be Energy Future

As investors and economists muse and mutter over our economic future, they practically to a man or woman are considering the future in terms of our commonly used energy sources – coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, nuclear, with a bit of wind and sun thrown into the mix to keep the tree-huggers happy. But as they […]