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Internet Crackdown Begins: Senator Al Franken Wants Google, Facebook, & Twitter Censor Political Speech

Authord by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog, Are the days of the free and open Internet numbered?  The Internet is certainly used for all sorts of horrible things, but it has also allowed ordinary people to communicate on a mass scale that would have been unimaginable decades ago.  In the old days, if […]

Populism In Our Time – “The Status Quo Is The Fundamental Problem”

Authored by Paul Brodsky via, “Be even more suspicious…of all those who employ the term we or us without your permission. This is another form of surreptitious conscription, designed to suggest that we are all agreed on our interests and identity.”– Christopher Hitchens Merriam-Webster defines populist as “a believer in the rights, wisdom and […]

‘Internet – weapon of destruction, each slogan is dum-dum bullet’

Public misinformation through media becomes easier during war time, warns French information guru Jacques Seguela. You can always simulate a massacre that has not occurred, but communication can also prevent conflicts, he told RT – READ FULL SCRIPT ­Communication is a weapon in our time when all wars are broadcast live, says Seguela, a […]