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Quebec: The Crisis Of The West

Submitted by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, Quebec, like the entire West, is facing an existential demographic and religious crisis. Quebec's death spiral is explicitly linked with the calls for increased immigration. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who put an end to the military campaign against the Islamic State, just called on Muslim migrants […]

Masked Canadian Students Barricade Themselves In Montreal University, Police Storm Building / by Tyler Durden on 04/09/2015 13:38 The students are (still) restless in Canada. Over the past several weeks we’ve documented student protests in Montreal and Quebec City, noting that the Blockupy spirit of raging against anything that can be construed as “austerity” seems to be infectious north of the border. This has led […]

Public Sector Strikes Need Competition / David Howden / Friday, June 20th, 2014 It’s not often police officers and firefighters light fires in the streets (in front of City Hall no less). That’s exactly what happened in Montreal recently, as public union members protested the Quebec government’s intent to reform their municipal pension plans. The province’s Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau […]

Perth to Montreal / By Andrew Hoffman / October 19th, 2012 Read the Thursday Afternoon Wrap-Up for 10/18/2012 and the Friday Morning Commentary for 10/19/2012 There are just five MAJOR bullion mints – in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Austria, and Australia.  I have never been certain why they are deemed more “trustworthy” than private mints – given governments’ […]

Warren Pollock – Je me Souviens & the US Moving Towards a "Failed Nation State"?

Kickstarter Fundraiser Je me Souviens does not translate very well to English, but I think we need to understand the meaning very well. The people of Quebec got something very right.. I want to support them all I can. The quiet revolution was from the bottom up.. I provide some perceptions about Quebec that […]

Montreal Mayhem: ‘Protests grow beyond just student issue’

Student protests in Canada escalate as nearly 700 people were arrested on Wednesday night alone. The rallies against the proposed tuition fee increases have been going on for over a 100 days in Quebec. Many of those detained were carted off in public b…

Video: Thousands march in Montreal in rage at tuition hikes


Over 120 people have been detained following a massive rally marking the 100th day of demos against tuition hikes in Montreal. Many also came to protest a new law limiting the right to demonstrate. ­The center of Ca…

Students tear-gassed in clashes with police in Canada

In Canada, riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central Montreal. At least two demonstrators and two officers were injured in the violence and seventeen people were arr…

Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Ellis Martin and David Morgan visit at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference where there was record attendance, portending untold investor interest in Canadian Junior Mining Companies and precious metals in general, the likes of which have not b…