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Surprise Late Session Rally in Gold / By Dan Norcini / Friday, September 13, 2013 I just completed my weekend interview with Eric King over at King World News for the Metals Wrap. We were discussing the very late in the session price action in gold and talking about the impact of the news story that he broke with Andrew Maguire about […]

TFMR Podcast #42 – David Morgan / By Turd Ferguson / Friday, March 29, 2013 at 10:43 am On Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit with the very wise and experienced David Morgan. David has been following silver for a long time and has likely forgotten more than I’ll ever know. Fortunately for us, I was able to make […]

Warren Pollock – Vote for Ike 2012 – AKA John Galt for President

The 2012 election featuring (on the left) JP Morgan and (on the Right) Benito Mussolini and Kim Jong-Un in a runoff primary election. Some “remixed” words from President Dwight D. Eisenhower that have been “updated” to match current events and trends. His words were not heeded in regards to the Military Industrial Complex and now […]

Silver $35-$40 by the end of the year, Gold $1,850

"The mining shares have already bottomed" David Morgan on The Gold Trade

Obama’s Heart Aches For Aurora, CO – Not For Chicago : UN Gun Ban Treaty Update [Part 1]

Here’s Part 1 of my interview with “Mark”, a firearms industry executive & part-time police officer. Mark is a patriot who’s in touch with other police officers around the country, including Chicago which already has a gun ban in place and remains one of the most violent cities in the U.S. Mark says Obama’s shed […]


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"Mining Without Being Shafted" David Smith (Research Analyst for The Morgan Report) David Smith is an accomplished writer and precious metals’ analyst, is a regular contributor to David Morgan’s The Morgan Report. It is his belief that investors willing to commit the time, effort, and investible risk-taking funds to these markets have the opportunity of creating (and hopefully keeping!) life-changing wealth.

David Morgan INTERVIEW–SILVER: Are you in? Sprott & the Chinese are!‬ In this interview, David Morgan offers his opinion on the very recent purchase of $200 million dollars of physical silver by Sprott as well as China’s large procurement of the shiny industrial and precious metal. What does this mean? What is the future of Chinese silver futures? In the middle of the summer doldrums, […]

Once the Banksters Lose CONTROL, We’ll Live in a Different World: Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter

Here’s Part 2 of my dramatic interview with precious metals pundits Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter. We discuss the clear evidence of the international banking crimes, debate inflation VS deflation and conclude with this FACT: The collapse is happening, and once the Banksters lose what little control they have left, the world in which we […]